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Scheduled maintenance took out all Telus services in BC Interior


I was watching YouTube on my phone last night over my home WiFi and at 11:36 I lost my Internet connection. I checked my TV and it was out too. So was my cell service. So was my wireless (i.e. cellular) home phone.

I then discovered that it was not just me, my neighbourhood, or even my city (West Kelowna). They were out everywhere in (at least) the greater Kelowna area. It was restored sometime between 2:00 and 4:30 AM. Telus's outage page (that I was able to get to after using KGH's WiFi) didn't even list it!


I found out through local news this morning that it was because Telus was doing "routine, scheduled maintenance". Really? "Routine, scheduled maintenance" that takes out every single form of communication for 3-4 hours?


Everyone should make sure to call Telus and demand compensation for this critical loss of service. Especially since it was not due to any natural or otherwise unexpected causes. There could have been serious consequences had someone not been able to reach anyone in an emergency. I don't care if it was the middle of the night. Thousands of people work night shifts, etc. and emergencies can happen at any time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Our network team did send out SMS notifications to the areas they identified as being impacted. If you didn't get one, you can check in with our team at 1-866-558-2273 to ensure your account has the correct contact number listed.

I do get SMS messages about outages and the last one I got was for March 14-15.

Please don't try to deflect the fact that this was unplanned and clearly a failure because it was everywhere for everyone in the Interior. It's all over the news and Facebook.

Just Moved In

Clearly a large portion of impacted customers were not notified, including myself. It's all over Twitter.

This is a massive failure.