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Bring it back program with an overbilling.

Just Moved In

I have more of a statement and rant about my experience today. 


Issue called in today- 390$ Bring it back charge on this months bill. 
Canada post Tracking shows it was received- And notes on TELUS side noting condition.


I called today and requested a call back - Great no issues.

I got a call back and it took the representative 1 hour and 5 minutes to attempt to answer my question, with many trips on hold. And every time he had to talk to a "different department", and every time he came back with different answers that didn't add up with the bills received.  Fine he didn't have the answer and past me to the Loyalty department.

I talked to a representative for a total phone call length of 2 hours 51 minutes. I was put on hold 3 times with the loyalty department, with again no answer on a simple question. And him having to "review the account again" same thing as the previous representative. Now he put me on hold and never ended up coming back, the call was ended at just under 3 hours.

Now onto chat support...... Wish me luck.

My 2 questions are  "what is a reasonable amount of time for being on hold?" "At what point do you pass me on to someone who can answer the question?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have, and for that I apologize. Were you able to get everything sorted in the end?