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BYOD upgrade

Just Moved In
I've been a Telus customer for about 7 months, while I didn't sign a 2 year contract as I already had a fairly new phone and didn't want to give it up. Now I'm wondering what is the minimum time before you can upgrade your non-Telus device to a new device when you BYOD at the beginning. My Telus app shows I'm eligible for an upgrade.

Community Manager
Community Manager

You should be able to get a new phone anytime but it's worth noting that a current in-market plan will need to be chosen along with it. Another option is always to get a device straight from the manufacturer if you want to keep your existing plan!


Because you are on a BYOD plan your device and plan are not tied together. You own your device and have 100% control of what you do with it. You can buy a new phone outright (not on a plan) from anyone and just swap the SIM.