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Looking to switch one of my lines from a monthly, to a prepaid account


I am looking to switch one of my monthly lines over to a prepaid account. I have the following questions;

- Is this possible, without first porting the number out to somewhere else? 

- Can I do this online?

- Can I create a new prepaid account, and then port that number to that new account? If I have to do this, can I put the new account in another person's name, without having to pay a transfer of ownership fee? Would I have to pay another connection fee?

- Do I need a new SIM card?

- Overall, how should I go about doing this in the most cost-effective way? I don't necessarily need to put it in the other person's name, it would just be a nice to have if I can do that for free.

If you'd like to know my reasoning; A monthly plan with unlimited talk/text is $35, while a prepaid plan with that and 1Gb of data (paid every six months) works out to $25 a month. This is a line for grandma, who would now like a bit of data.


- Joshua C.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can create a prepaid account and port her current number to it. You will need a new SIM card. Once the number is ported, the post-paid account will be closed. Ensure there would be no penalty for closing the account. There is no need to port out to another supplier/carrier.

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