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Why are your bills so many pages? Please shorten them. I have an iphone and an ipad and my bills are 10 pages. Yes I appreciated detailed info but the repetition is too much and some pages only have 1 or 2 lines of print. 

I print out my bills for my work expenses and I am constantly upset over how many pages there are.


Contact me. I would love to talk to someone on how to shorten these bills. 


1. pages 1 and 2 could fit on one page. This is my Account Summary and Previous charges and payments. 

2. Shorten the top part on each page to 1 line for the date, my name and account number. This will shorten up all the pages.

3. My Mobile Services on pages 3 and 4 could fit on 1 page instead of 2.

4. You have too many different titles and names of stuff, eg Summary of Easy Payment Balance by user - just call it Balance Summary! Also Summary of Charges by User - User Charges. What the heck is "Peace of Mind Connect - Consumer? Just say Usage.

5. You list all the stuff for the Unlimited 25 5G - Unlimited Plan: 25GB High speed data, 5G speed (up to 250/mbps), endless data - no data overages, hotspot up to 25gb, unlimited nationwide calls, unlimited nationwide texts, picture. That took 7 lines. Put all that in 2 lines like I just did. 

6. My pages 6-8 are a detailed list of airtime (the numbers I called or called me). Yes it's nice to have a record of these calls. Again, if you shortened the top part of each page to my suggestions, these 3 pages could probably fit on 2 instead.

7. Page 9 shows me Additional Info, Payment options, Bills due upon receipt, Service Terms, Messages and updates, Can we help? Wireless Code of conduct changes, Help connect youth to a world of opportunities. That section is all fine.




oops. My last point in #8 was that the last page of my bills is always blank (with the top info as on every page). Do you really have to print anything on that last page? 

Thanks for the opportunity to share my ideas with you. 

Much appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

As billing is presented as a PDF file, there isn't a way to customize which pages are displayed to you via the portal. Most printers do enable you to custom select which pages to print through the included software, however.