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Resolved! Spam

Is it possible to filter spam on my Blackberry? 

Likarok by Organizer
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New activation air time crediit

Purchased the following TELUS prepaid phone below comes with $40.00 activation credit supposedly.Went to activate no credit allowed with a new phone number!!! Alcatel Lume Prepaid$69.99SAVE $10 Off our everyday low price!Valid June 09, 2017 - June 14...

Randene by Organizer
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Charged Long Distance for 1-800 Number

I was recently reviewing my airtime usage and noticed that I was charged $15.50 for a 31 minute call I made to a 1-800 number. It was my understanding that toll free numbers counted towards your airtime minutes and were not considered long distance. ...

Resolved! Easiest cell phone for seniors

I would like to find an easy...text and phone call...cell for senior carried by Telus and pay as you go. Any such cell phone???

Kaybee01 by Organizer
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The new Essential Cell Phone

Does anyone know if Telus will start carrying the new Essential cell phone? (

Resolved! Cancelling

Just wondering if you have to give 30 days notice to cancel cell service with Telus ?Or how does it work ?There is no device balance in case you were going to ask .Thanks

xjeepguy by Organizer
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New iPad Pro 2

I was considering getting the old iPad Pro when the new one comes out. Anyone know when the price drop will happen? And by how much?

leooliver by Just Moved In
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Phone or Tablet

I need a small tablet, let say 6 o 7 inches with a good screen like HUAWEI M2 Lite PLE-703L 7.0" 4G LTE. But it is not clear what devices Telus treats as a phone and what as a tablet. What are criteria? I do not need phone calls , just mobile data on...

AlS by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Absolutely livid with telus (any samsung edge product)

I know the competition seems to be doing essentially the same thing (collusion), but the bs i got fed when i got this s7 edge has me absolutely fuming.I was sold on a warranty. When i needed that warranty it took 3 weeks to get my phone fixed because...

Stealthc by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Factory reset Android

My wife want to sell his old Galaxy S5. Is a factory reset secure enough to delete all data on the phone?

pychzloya by Just Moved In
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