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Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/Ultra Shipment Date

Hello, I pre-ordered a S20 phone from Telus the day after the S20 was announced and saw that Telus will ship the device from their warehouse on March 6, meaning it would arrive at my house in the middle of the following week. I see that Samsung and some other carriers are shipping it a few days early to make it so that the device arrives to those customers by the release date of March 6. I am just curious if anyone who has pre ordered from Telus in the past has gotten their devices earlier than when Telus has stated, or has it always been getting the device a few days after the official release?


I upgrade my phone to the newest Galaxy s series every year and in my experience it's always been a few days later

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I upgrade my phone to the newest Galaxy s series every year and in my experience it's always been a few days later

That is what I saw when I made the order, so I went ahead knowing this, but it would be nice if Telus could ship the devices out on March 3 so that they would arrive by the street date. Oh well.

100% agree I was just in Best Buy today and I was talking to you one of the phone specialists and they told me they'll have their s20's on March 5th ready for pickup

I received the email saying a shipping label was made but nothing has shipped yet. I'm guessing tomorrow the 6th?

I too just received the shipping notification. Props to TELUS for getting these in ours hands right on release day.

Haven't received any updates on mine yet. Pre ordered Feb 16. In the past, my experience with the S7 and S9+ is that I'll get the phone delivered in my hands 1-2 days before release date. Perhaps the situation with the COVID-19 may have caused some delays in the supply chain in production and delivery of the S20 this year.

I did receive mine this morning at 10am. I ordered the S20 Ultra 512 GB

Those who received their Ultra, is the main camera autofocus issue bothersome? I understand that due to the complexity of the new fangled 108MP main camera, Samsung is using older and slower tech PDAF (phase detection AF) on the Ultra instead of newer and faster tech DPAF (dual pixel AF) on the S9/10/20 non Ultra.

And because of this hardware limitation, it is quite likely that Samsung will not be able to fix it with a software update. There have been apparently 2 updates pushed OTA already past week and it doesn't seem like there's any significant improvement in AF.

I pre ordered my ultra 128gb on feb 15 and it is now march 12 and I have heard nothing from Telus, not a shipping notice or out of stock, nothing. I called support up and they just said processing at the warehouse. This is the worst pre order experience I have had. Not only am I getting the phone after its released, I am also being tossed around with no information. Terrible service Telus!!!

I chatted online with a rep yesterday about my pending 128GB Ultra preorder too. She said 3-4 wks more due to delays from Samsung production and delivery due to COVID-19 situation.

Given the hardware problems with the Ultra's AF (see my post above), I may just change my order to a S20 Plus. I'll lose the Buds+ bonus, but I don't mind as I've seen reviews that they're good but not great, and I have other better bluetooth buds.

But my concern is, I spoke with the rep yesterday and there was still no indication that it is back ordered. I was first told he didnt see my order and then 2 mins later was only told it's being processed by warehouse. So what does that mean??

Don't let the buds stop you from making a choice.  They are all gone.  I called about the buds yesterday, and since it was "while supplies last" promotion and they are currently out neither my wife whos S20 plus was shipped on the 5th, and my ultra would not be part of the program.   Due to supplies running out of course before it was shipped.  This means anyone with the ultra that has not already received theirs will not get any.  Sorry!  I guess the promotion only had enough for some of the S20+'s and those lucky enough to order earlier enough in Feb.

Well, wadya know? Just got an email notification of shipping. Maybe get it tmrw I hope!

Update:  My buddy was offered an S20 ultra from a Telus store, so when I called in above, I also asked if I could check out the local Telus store to see if they had any in stock they said, not a problem you can get it from there.  I was doubtful but just a tad optimistic.  She said Yes, you can get it from there as the warehouse is backed up as many people pre-ordered and when the called to confirm they did not want the phones.  They did say they did not have enough stock to fill the pre-orders, but if I wanted a plus they had them. I said no thanks, I will go check it out at the store.  That's when I asked about the earbuds for my wife's phone the S20+ that was shipped out on the evening of March the 5th, and they asked me to hold.  At this time I walked down the block from my office and went into the store.   The Telus store said they were sold out of the s20 ultra across the city of Calgary and it would be 4 weeks out.  That was when the lady from the call center came back saying no you can't have them for you or your wife as it was "as supplies last" offer.  I said, ok, I preordered in Feb and one was shipped out that day before launch and it contradicted what they said about having not nearly enough Ultra's.  I then told the lady that the store was sold out as well for s20Ultra.   I found out yesterday they actually cancelled my order and put notes on the file saying I was going to go to the store to get the phone.   Long story short?  I reordered mine yesterday online and have been put to the end of the line twice now from when first called in to preorder it February a month ago.

I've got my phone on the regular date Match 6th. I expected promotion Buds + as well, but haven't received them yet. I will call support today to get future information.

Oh, definitely call them. I got my buds with the phone today.

Got an email saying they're out of stock of 128GB Ultra and waiting for more to come from Samsung in 3-4 wks time... 🙁

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With all the production problems and delays in Asia due to the corona virus, stock for many devices are going to be limited 😞

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