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People’s delayed iPad Pro 4th gen

I ordered an the iPad Pro 4th gen last Sunday and I was reading through the forums and is it most likely I will experience the same delays? Or has things decided to shift and have products pushed faster?
Just curious because I become really impatient when it comes to ordering stuff online as per most people I believe especially when there is no estimated delivery date. But thank you for helping “Brandon T” u must be really stressed helping out others so thank u for your courtesy to help. 😊

Hello @Momonkey76

I foresee us getting them at the end of this month or end of Aug at this point. When I ordered mine ok the 24th via Telus? I checked out Apple ( same model and all) and their website showed 3-4 weeks ( July 15th- Aug 5th delivery. So it seems like it would be the same time for us. I heard Telus is getting 2 batches in July so who knows if that’s true.

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Hello @Wynn

I checked with Bell and they haven't received any form Apple since early June. So it seems to be a issue with Apple bit supplying the carriers the tablets more then the carriers having them.

I spoke to Apple regarding a issue I had and asked them about the tablet. They said they have had some unhappy customers call them too regarding the wait. Apparently Apple is having issues supplying the 12.9 LTE models to carriers and to their own stores too.

At this point I got a couch I ordered back in April faster then this tablet and the couch wasn't ever in production before that. So km starting to think Apple is having issues and not telling anyone...

I'm also with you on how Telus isn't communicating either. The least they could do is send out a email and reply back. Laziness.

Well let’s just hope most people cancel their order cause to be honest if they call us asking if it’s cool to give us another colour I couldn’t careless I just need this iPad 😂😂 and the silver one is much nicer anyways but likely of that happening is very slim

10 weeks today.  Still no update.

**bleep** week 7 and still no update what is this 😂😂

So did Apple just cease production of these or what? 😅

Hello @Wynn

Honestly at this point I am thinking this 😂. No Apple has them since middle of June. Bell has none either online or in stores. Telus same thing.

I'm starting to think Apple is either having major issues producing them or something.

Hello @Laurenz

Been 6 weeks for me. So they said 6-8 weeks with nothing else.

They should atleast say Apple is having difficulties producing them😂

Well I’m in luck my parents asked a bell store if they carried any and luckily they did so I got the iPad I recommend u guys go to your local malls to see if they carry any iPad pros and just cancel your orders best regards to the rest of u guys

Hello @Laurenz

Nice! I contacted 4 Bell stores in zthe malls close to me in Toronto and none of them had stock. No bell store around downtown Toronto / Scarborough or north York had any. Only 1 had 2 returns but couldn't sell them.

I'll just keep waiting lol.


Well if Telus lacks communication what are we supposed to do?. Why have a product online showing " in stock limited availability ( 6-8 week wait) when it's truly not in stock? U see what I mean?.

Also when Telus fails to send out biweekly emails to let customers know what's happening. That's what is upsetting most. The lack of communication from them. They could easily have a email scripted to send out each week or two until the tablets come in right?. That's better then 0 replies and no communications at all. While everyone's working from home and such, the webstore team receives and sends out emails. They could easily reply back within a couple of days or week but they haven't even done that.

Every Rep I spoke to? I was always kind with just one which kept calling me " mam" and tried to overtalk ontop of me lol. The managers I spoke to o even said that telus webstore shouldn't have it shows " in stock" and surprised that the webstore team hasn't emailed anyone back. I actually had one Rep that read this thread while I was online with her and she was surprised.

When did u order yours because I ordered mine around the 7th of June so if we ordered it around the same time frame then we should get ours relatively the same week or so I hope u see this because it’s been 5 weeks if I cancel my order now I might as well have just waited 5 weeks for nothing best regards