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Online Order - Lost package


I've ordered an iPhone 12 Pro two weeks ago and still haven't received it. Telus shipped on Feb 11th and it was supposed to arrive Feb 12th, but it didn't. The UPS tracking page keeps showing "In Transit" and haven't changed from this status since then. I've contact Telus 2 times via [email protected], which takes days until I have some answer, but they keep saying to contact UPS. I've contacted UPS, they said the package should've arrived on Feb 15th and it's now lost, so they said to contact Telus to fill a packaged lost claim, as neither UPS or me can't fill it, only the sender, aka Telus.


I've contacted Telus via email again but I haven't got any answer so far, I tried the Telus WebStore phone number, but there's no human I can talk, only a voice asking me to send an email or leave a message (LOL).

In summary, it's being 2 weeks that my phone is lost and Telus support isn't supporting much. Does anyone know what should be my next step to have a refund and canceled order or receive my order?


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Community Power User

Did you leave a message at the web store phone number?



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No, but I've just got an answer by email. They opened an investigation with their inventory team and UPS that can take up to 30 days.

I asked for a cancelation and refund, but apparently I'll have to wait until the end of this investigation. Probably until then, they will hold my deposit and keep charging me for a device that I didn't receive.


I was wondering if that's even legal, but probably I've agreed with this while doing the purchase, checking those checkboxes. 😐