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People’s delayed iPad Pro 4th gen

I ordered an the iPad Pro 4th gen last Sunday and I was reading through the forums and is it most likely I will experience the same delays? Or has things decided to shift and have products pushed faster?
Just curious because I become really impatient when it comes to ordering stuff online as per most people I believe especially when there is no estimated delivery date. But thank you for helping “Brandon T” u must be really stressed helping out others so thank u for your courtesy to help. 😊

Hello @Momonkey76

I foresee us getting them at the end of this month or end of Aug at this point. When I ordered mine ok the 24th via Telus? I checked out Apple ( same model and all) and their website showed 3-4 weeks ( July 15th- Aug 5th delivery. So it seems like it would be the same time for us. I heard Telus is getting 2 batches in July so who knows if that’s true.

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9 weeks tomorrow and still waiting at confirmed.

Hello @Momonkey76

Jesus. That's ridiculous. No other email other then the first confirmation?.

So I contacted Apple and they said anyone who order early June with them? Got them already and those are the same units as Telus is offering.

So Apple can supply then faster to their customers but Telus is having difficulties. Their 6-8 week is just based on what they get told BUT they shouldn't be offering the tablet if they is almost 2-3 months wait time.

I wonder why no Telus Rep can shine light regarding the no communication... @BrandonT can you explain? It's ending of July so there isn't any excuse at this point of " not many are working". If that's true, why just make it clear on their website that no one will get into contact with you. I walked passed the Telus building downtown Toronto which has the call center and I can assure you that building was busy and I even asked a couple of them outside and they said and I quote " most are coming back to work or work from home. There are only a few which aren't working".

Yikes I just read through the 2 pages of comments. I have received the “would you still like to wait emails”. I actually called for the first time tonight to get an update. The person I spoke seemed surprised at the wait time as well. He checked with the web store and they can still see it is still at confirmed.

I try to be realistic and patient - eagerly bonkers waiting at times lol. It’s a pandemic - we just went to stage 3 opening. There’s not a staples or Best Buy I found that has stock of these. The Telus stores aren’t getting them. We are at the mercy of a global supply chain. In a world where everyone just went to working remote and workforces scrambling to get resources out to staff to facilitate work or teachers and students needing to support a learning environment type equipment - every resource is tapped.

Don’t cancel your order, don’t yell at people who really are at there wits end trying to just be helpful. Calling the BBB is not okay.

In this case the squeaky wheel is not going to get the grease. Be kind, be patient, where a mask in public - unless you think the world is flat and masks are infringing on your human rights then goodly k rolling the dice.

Moral of the story is if everyone just stayed home we all would of gotten our devices already. Thanks America 🙂 and honestly I’ve waited too long to cancel now we are basically on the palm of their hands when it comes to this and all I’m saying is when I get this device and there are issues with it someone’s gonna get hit with the tablet.

I actually don't mind the waiting, as it's completely understandable - every seller of this device is experiencing a shortage. The only frustrating part for me is the lack of communication and keeping their customers updated on the situation. But I perhaps jumped the gun in saying I would cancel my order and close my account. I do think they could improve with the communication, but it's fully possible that they just don't know. Even if they emailed me saying that they didn't know when they would be able to ship my device, I would be happy. 😄


I certainly would never call anybody and yell at them, I'm not that type. I also don't think this is something to call the BBB about, because like you said, it's a pandemic. Most of us have never faced anything like this in our lives. I'm sure everyone at Telus is working very hard right now and scrambling to sort everything out, but of course it's easy to be on the other side of things and complain on a forum about waiting for 2 months with no updates. I do need my device for work, but it's not the end of the world. In any case, thanks for giving some perspective @Laurenz . Honestly I've never had any issues with Telus and their service for the 13 years I've been with them, so what I said previously wasn't my most rational thought. 😉 


All we can do is wait!

Sorry, I actually meant to tag @Momonkey76 in that previous post. Apologies! Long night at work. 😅

Hello @ Wynn

I said that out of frustration on this matter however that doesn't give a excuse of " they don't know" right?. They are a telecommunications company. They could easily send out a biweekly email giving updates. Even if it's the same thing or saying " unfortunately at the moment Apple has not shipped us the IPad for u". That would be a better communication then 0 replies back. Look at Rogers. With all due respect? They are actually emailing customers and have a agent that gave someone a answer online and asked then to message then privately to look into it. So why can't Telus do this?

Why can't they even reply back to the emails? Even if they don't know. Why haven't they made the effort to reply back to anyone?. It seems like they want to use the " pandemic"

I need the tablet for work as well and my old ipads battery is dying within an 1-2hrs. I won't dish out money to get a new battery for it since I am getting a new one. I'm not blaming Telus for the delay. The delay happened on Apple because of the COVID-19. However I do blame Telus for the lack of communication and responses back to us.

Hello @Laurenz

LOL! Yeah I would be doing the same thing too and snap lol. It happened with my iPhone 7 Plus actually. I got it from Apple and the screen was cracked. The Apple store Rep just looked at me and yeah that look I'll never forget. Let's all just hope they come in, in working condition without any problems 😂

Just woke up to an email that my device has shipped. Should see it in a few days I guess. Tracking number not populating yet.

Hello @Actionjax

Yay! Happy it shipped out for u. Hopefully it does for the rest. Mine still shows 6-8 weeks. So who knows.

Ummm... I ordered May 21 and you ordered June 7. I’m wondering how I haven’t gotten an update yet? I’m in Ontario - is that a reason perhaps?

I ordered the 11 inch. What model did you order?

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I also ordered the 11 inch! I got my shipping confirmation last night & it is currently out for delivery. I ordered on June 24th so it took exactly a month. I guess the 12.9 inch was in higher demand than the 11 inch, causing the delays to be much longer.

Hello @NewTelusCustomerxx

Sure seems like it. Seems like many got the 12.9 inch instead so the demand are in those ones!

I'm glad you're got shipped out! Enjoy it 🙂

I mean if the 11inch got shipped out the 12.9 inch should of been shipped out too, no?? Like I get it high demand but like a whole month ago and some change so I should have shipping at least. I hope anyone that got the 12.9 inch got the shipping info

Hello @Laurenz

None of us who ordered the 12.9 model for the shipping email. It seems like Apple hasn't sent any to Telus and even Apple themselves don't have any. i checked around and no one including Apple stores don't have it in stock.

If anyone has updates please post them here for the 12.9 inch IPad Pro thank u guys 🙂

Funny how Telus is called Telus but they ain’t telling us a anything little dad joke to make u guys feel a little better about our VERY VERY LATE iPads

Hello @Laurenz

I seen what u did there 😉 hahaha.

I wish there was a update! I keep checking mine and still shows 6/8 weeks lol.

Hello @Laurenz

So Ashley Furniture called me regarding my couch order from late March I did.. They just told me it's in their warehouse and delivery is next week. This took almost 4.5 months to get. ( brand new couch which was never in production before and a new model).

Apple? Still has issues building the new IPad 12.9 and sending then out. Still waiting at 6-8 weeks lol. So who truly knows haha.

Let's hope I get both next week to enjoy! Lol

Nope, still no shipping email. And still no response to my emails that I sent 2 weeks ago. It’s been 8 weeks as of yesterday, website still says I should receive my iPad within 3-4 weeks.

I’m starting to mind the waiting a bit more now. I’m really starting to wish I had just ordered directly from Apple at this point. I don’t know what else to say other than this really sucks, and Telus is awful at communicating with their customers.