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Ordred wrong coloured phone

Just Moved In

So I upgraded and ordered some phones on the black friday sale which was Sunday.  I ordered one gold and one charcoal grey, after speaking to my kids they both wanted charcoal grey, I phoned back 30 minutes later and was told I could not change the colour as it had gone to processing already.  I was told to call back when I received the phone and could send it back for the other colour I wanted.  I received the phone yesterday evening and phoned this morning to see about sending it back.  I was then told because it was a black friday sale, that the phone had gone up by 200 more and I would have to pay this.  I explained that I was doing an exchange and not a return.  When I spoke to Ben on Sunday, he said nothing about having to pay more, has anybody else had this problem?


Hello @rupert507

I have had this issue my self with Telus and Rogers ( as i have both). When speaking to Telus, I asked to speak to the escalation management team which deals with issues and has more more to do what needs to be done.

I would suggest calling in and asking for them. If the rep asks why? Tell them that unfortunately the reps gave u false information and you also do have a buyers remorse time frame which let's u exchange the phone with the same phone at no extra cost ( it's only a color so it shouldn't matter).

The management should be able to assist you.


Have you tried calling your local Telus store to see if they could exchange it for you for the colour you want?  A straight exchange in-store is usually easier than trying to deal with Customer Care, which is a complete disaster.

Hello @Syaoran

That's very true! However some stores do not do that unfortunately. It's up to each store as i have learned with my experience especially here in Toronto.

Yeah.  That is why I suggested calling first.  As a Torontonian myself, I find it is worth the trip out to Pickering Town Centre for superior service and a lot more helpful employees at that store.