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I signed a two year contract just over 30 days ago on an Huawei P30 Pro.

Before I had the P30 I was sold two defective Mate P20s. Spent countless hours just trying to get a working phone.

Now I have a phone that is banned and will not be updated after 3 months apparently.

Why has Telus not released a news release or even post a statement on your website?

I watched 3 firmware updates that made the phone function better as well options that were advertised that are not included on the current firmware. It's really not the 1st phone that's been sold by Telus that is not updated and neglected.

If you sell a product the least you can do is provide updates and better after purchase customer support.

Please help me in this matter.
Thank you for your time.
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The fight between the US government and Huawei started long before you signed your new contract a month ago. The situation you find yourself in is unfortunate. Since things are still up in the air between Huawei and the US government, I'd give it a bit of time to see what happens. Huawei claims to have a contingency in place as they had estimated the Trump government to do what they did.


Telus does not create the software updates themselves but gets the updates for phones from the various device manufacturers. I'm going to guess Telus hasn't made a statement yet because they are also waiting to see what happens south of the border and from Huawei themselves.


What does that mean if I have a Huawei phone?

Perhaps the most useful piece of information about current Huawei phones is Google's statement issued to TechRadar:

“We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications. For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices,” a spokesperson told us.


However, there is one nugget of good news if you’ve just spent large amounts of money on a Huawei P30 Pro: as alluded to above, current devices from the Chinese brand will continue to get security updates and access to the Google Play Store for the foreseeable future, as Google has promised not to leave those out in the cold.


The temporary lifting of the ban will also allow the brands to prepare better Android support for current and future models, meaning that Huawei will be able to do bueinsess as it has been for a little longer - so current customers will be able to benefit for longer.


Huawei has also told us that it will continue to do all it can to support all its phones currently out in the wild, and is looking at other implications of Google's decision.


"Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.”

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Thank you for the reply,

I Understand that Telus doesn't create the the updates also I have been doing my research on this whole situation. Not very awesome situation at all.

There are several firmware updates that have been released, that Telus mostly like has access to that improve features and adds new features. I've been with Telus for a long time and one thing have learned is the updates come really slow. It has gotten better but still could be greatly improved. The only phone that ever was always up to date was the Nexus.

Hopefully something positive comes from all this.

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OEM's create and push updates for their devices.  The only little input the carriers have is for their carrier branded bloatware they want included along with their carrier aggregation.  The manufacturer of the device is solely responsible for any updates you receive in the future.  


I personally think Telus and every other Canadian carrier need to pull their current stock of Huawei devices and recall any of the P30's that were recently released.  As time passes, more and more major companies are refusing to deal with Huawei, including ARM, which used to license their architecture for Huawei's Hi Silicon Kirin processors.  They have no completed OS and won't until early next year.  They have no way to manufacture their processors for their devices.  They can't purchase memory from Micron.  The world's largest economy wants nothing to do with them.  Europe's mobile providers are backing away from business with Huawei. 


Sure, their devices are decent and there is nothing wrong with your device, but the promise of one major OS update, to Q in your case, is not possible for them to fulfill in the current situation of things.  The value of these devices continues to drop on sites like Kijiji, Swappa, Ebay, and many others.  Your device is definitely depreciated as a result of this situation.  Canada's lack of common sense and pure corporate greed of our anti-competitive behavior has led to this situation impacting Canadian's more so than it ever should have.  This is why Canadian carriers need to step up and make this right for their customers that have been impacted by the mess Huawei has dug themselves into, being a company of state.  


"Huawei has dug themselves into, being a company of state."  


What does this even mean?


They are a Chinese company, China is a socialist country. What option did Huawei have?


Has OnePlus also dug themselves a hole? Xiaomi? 


The US is just clueless to how a socialist country works.





Also. I'm in agreement with the OP. The P30 Pro has now had 3 full updates that add features. Telus has released 0 of them.

Telus if you aren't supporting your devices stop selling them and just move to dumb pipes. Your support level really needs improvement.

"A company of the state" means, a company of their government.  Ontario for example, has the LCBO.  Huawei is a government run and controlled company at what we call, the federal level.