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Hotspot togle


I have switched from fido to telus i had never issue before using quick hotspot toggle to turn on and off tethering. But after switching to Telus what a surprise hotspot toggle is gone. prior getting phone went to local best buy and played with Samsung S20FE and hot spot toggle is there!

Why on the earth Telus disables this toggle? I have 20 Gb data plan so what if i need to share it here and there little bit with my tablet.

Was very upset and im still not happy that telus does this! there is workaround with an app to bring me strait to the tethering toggle switch in setting but with technology at this era this should not be required and telus does this is just unbelievable!!!!

I was hopping that the new android 11 will have the hotpot toggle but i guess Telus doesn't want it to be there!

Can someone explain why this is being done?Thank you



Hi there, can you locate the mobile hotspot and tethering in your connection settings? If you can, is the option to activate the mobile hotspot working? I'm using a Samsung Note 10 on Android 11 and the feature is there. I previously had a Samsung S9 and my friend that's using the S20FE can also use it. Maybe you can try to do a reset of the network settings and see if it helps. (This will delete Wi-Fi codes and the Bluetooth paired devices)

Got it working using ADB tools and command line to fix this! Same problem has my coworker with S20 ultra but he doesn't want to use method above!