“Bring it back” amount that you have to pay if you decide to keep phone at end of plan




Thank you for your help, much appreciated.  🙂



TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Septra777 ,


I just made the order again but this time with Bring-It-Back and it worked! My service contract says 320$!

FANTASTIC! That's such great news 🙂


She asked me to send her a link and I refused.  Yesterday, she thanked me for pointing out this "error".  Last thing I want is that she finds out about this chat and then she will report it..  


I'm sure the agent was just wanting to learn more about this for her future calls. These extra discounts are new with the Bring-It-Back program, and detailed documentation has yet to be created. But I will respect your decision. Instead I will request the internal documentation to better explain how these "device credits" work for EPP and Bring-It-Back to avoid this confusion in the future.


Enjoy your new phone with all your discounts 🙂

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Hi @BrandonT,


I was trying to get that deal with @Septra777, and ultimately I gave up because of all the confusion and now the price increase is tripled even with EPP  


FYI, I work at the same corp as @Septra777, if I knew what was the real price, I would have ordered.


I'm currently with Rogers and my contract end next week and I would like to know if I can get this deal.  


Many thanks


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @system ,


I am not sure if this offer is still current, so I suggest calling the EPP department 1-866-848-3587 and see what current offers are available. If there is any confusion with the pricing over the phone, once the order is complete, you will receive a service agreement. This agreement outlines the exact pricing to expect on a monthly basis. From that point you have a 30 day return period if there are discrepancies. 


Hope that helps.

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Hopefully I can clarify things a bit better.  


The Bring it Back amount is what you will be paying back if decide to keep the phone or it’s damaged and do not have Device Care or Apple Care+ to replace the device.


The device discounts are a savings on the device that you do not have to pay back as long as you keep the device for the term of your contract. If you were to cancel or renew early then you would be required to pay back a portion of the device discount as it is divided by 24 months as well. It’s basically a way of TELUS rewarding you and helping to lower the phone prices while also protecting themselves so that someone isn’t able to set up a new contract cancel in a month or two and TELUS is out the discounted amount.


I haven't been around the neighborhood in a very long time, but I was looking around for just this information, and @BrandonT, you helped quite a lot. I see where @Septra777 was having a problem. It's very confusing, mostly because the trademark symbol gets in the way. On my order, Telus said I'd repay the Bring It Back TM amount, and only one amount had the TM. I didn't do that anyhow; feeling like I'm renting my phone is creepy, you know. 🤗 


See, this is what my order said for Bring It Back today:


Here's how it all breaks down


  • Retail Price


  • Bring-It-Back Bonus


  • Easy Payment Bonus Discount


  • Promotional discount


  • Bring-It-Backᵀᴹ


  • Total savings


  • Device repayment amount


  • Due today


  • Due monthly


Accept the Bring‑It‑Back™ agreement to proceed.

At the end of your 24-month term, return your device to any TELUS location in good working condition. Or, simply repay the original Bring‑It‑Back™ amount if you’d like to keep your device.

I agree to return my device after 24 months, or repay the original Bring‑It‑Back amount.
See the confusion in that? Too little information, a few more words for clarity would help. I don't expect to repay a bonus. Maybe put "Bring It Back repay" next to the amounts, or, I don't know, something.