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my email stopped working last wednesday, Telus said they cant fix it and would transfer to google mail in 24-72 hours. its way past that and no email and no help at all told to wait. Im a senior with medical issues and need my email to connect with the medical team helping me I also run a small online sales company that cant operate without my email. been with Telus 25 years or so and dont want to leave and lose my email address, what can I do ? Telus is doing nothing about it. told to wait or they will monitor the problem. why cant they just fix my email? worst service ever, over 12 hours so far trying to fix this. losing income losing my medical info need, bad heart and liver. anybody from Telus listening? please help. thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I suggest calling, and request your issue be expedited. If they said the email change would happen in 2 to 4 days, it should occur.


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Yes thank you, did that 3 times now, still nothing.