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latest modem and 3 wifi boost | still around 350 Mbit



I have 1 ghz connection, latest wifi hub modem ( white one)  and 3 wifi boost but still I am not getting speed past 350-370. on wired connection speed is close to 800-900.


need your expert advice to resolve the issue.



WiFi speeds can be impacted by a ton of different factors including some that may be out of your control. The age of the device you're connecting to the WiFi is a big one. Or it could be a brand new laptop/tablet/phone but the manufacturer cut costs by putting in a WiFi adapter that only caps out around 100 or 350 or 500 etc. 


If all your Boost WiFi pods are hard wired via cat5, not coax, and your device is capable of gigabit over WiFi you should be getting pretty good speeds. 

yes 2 of my boost are connected via ethernet.


all my devices are supportive of 5ghz and gigabit connection.


I am also using gigabit switch to connect devices.


I have 2 phones which are wifi 6 ready as well.

also I have disables by 2.4ghz and selected the best available channel with no other network.

What connection speed do you devices report for the wireless connection, this is not  the same as a speed test report.


How you determine the connection properties depends on your device.

can you please explain in more details and also how to find that if they are not the same as speed test.


How you determine WiFi transmit link speed depends on tour device type.