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Wireless works, Wired Connections are not

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Morning folks! 

When I fire up my smart TV or my Xbox, it says "no internet connection" however both of these devices are hard wired to the router. If I perform the usual unplug, wait 30 seconds and plug in again, these wired connections work again. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have this same issue? 



I have the same issue with my Xbox one as well.  My PS4 works fine though.

Community Power User
Community Power User

What does the Actiontec interface ( indicate when these devices are not connecting - do they still exist in the list?

Have you tried assigning a fixed IP address for each of these devices?


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Just Moved In

I've had the same issues with Xbox One. I've had my modem replaced and spent too much time troubleshooting issues. I think it's just an inherent flaw with the Actiontec T3200M router.

On my smart TV I changed the default connection from 'wifi' to 'Lan' and it seems to be working better, albeit Netflix not always working on the first shot and just requiring a reset. I am going to fiddle with my xbox a bit but may just permanently switch it to wireless for ease of use.