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Hi all,

I live in an older condo and recently the building got PureFibre installed. The fibre was terminated to the demarc point which is in my bedroom, 2 inches from my head when I sleep.

Obviously, for me this is an unacceptable location to have the ONT installed here. What are my options? Ideally I'd want the ONT installed near my TV and T3200M, which are currently in the living room. I will be using both internet and TV from Telus. Or, is SFP an option?

Thanks for any possible insight.
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The simplicity of a change depends a lot on how the demarcation point is set up. Usually there is a change in the Fibre cable at the point of demarcation. In a single family house situation, the fibre from the pole ends, and the fibre to the dwelling continues from there. I'd not want the ONT in my bedroom, either, so understand how you feel. I suggest contacting Telus to see if replacing the Fibre with a longer strand is possible to move the ONT to a more suitable location, such as your living room.


SFP makes no real difference for you as the end of the fibre is still in your bedroom, and the router is elsewhere. SFP would generally not be an option in residential settings, as the fibre needs to remain undisturbed, and attaching it to a movable router will just cause ongoing problems as the router gets moved about.



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Weird. My friend got a SFP installed in his basement suite.


I'd be concerned how much the fibre would be moved around in the long term. I've never touched my ONT in the year I've had it except to use a longer Ethernet cable.

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Thanks for the insight so far. Anyone else want to share their experiences with this kind of situation?

I lived in Port Coquitlam when Telus did their massive rollout across the city. Thanks to earlier issues with my service, Telus had previous run some ethernet from my garage to the office, which I expanded to include my living room. I was able to have the ONT installed in my garage and the modem in my office.

In your situation, because it's an apartment, I'd think you're hooped unless Telus will move the demarc point. I imagine yours is in a panel of some sort? Unless they can run it UI beer or behind your baseboard, I can't see an easy way for them to do it.

As an aside, I had my ONT box in my new place moved from my living room to the garage. It cost me about $400 ($70-ish/hour and 5 hours). If I had known that ahead of time, I probably wouldn't have bothered. But it does look much nicer.

Traditionally inside wiring is your own responsibility. 


Telus publishes wiring guides for the building industry that might be useful:



If you want to move it yourself you can get a length of singlemode fibre with SC connectors and an SC coupler/adapter to extend the fibre somewhere else.  Pre-terminated fibre cable is cheap.  If you have a choice of singlemode fibre get one certified to g657 standard bend insensitive singlemode (it's like the cat6 rating of copper but for fibre)

Connector ends are SC UPC 

If running in an air return you need fire resistant jacket material (plenum rated)

And for the outer size the thinner ones are easier to hide but with a slightly higher chance of breakage if it gets badly kinked or snagged though the new bend insensitive fibres are amazingly resilient.  Older style single mode fibre will work fine too, it's just much easier to break if it gets kinked. 


Amazon (prime eligible shipping items):

2m: https://amzn.to/2S04PbQ

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15m: https://amzn.to/2BfmjLS

Adapter couplers: https://amzn.to/2BfEQbd


FS.com (specializes in fibre and can make custom cable for you):

https://www.fs.com/products/41923.html  $4.96 (15m or about 50ft)


$0.42 https://www.fs.com/products/48491.html

shipping is $21 to Canada.  



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