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Condo not fully supported

Just Moved In
I moved into an older building in November, I was scheduled to have my fiberoptic installed December 7 2023, that was 5 months ago. I currently have an active account that is billing me monthly, but after 6 technicians who have all said the same thing, I can't connect you unless one of your neighbors disconnects because the third splitter is physically not in the main box, even though it is listed in the computer system.
So far I have taken 4 days off work to be available for the technicians adding up to a total of $800 is lost wages, I have spent 11 hours on the phone with support yet no one seems to be able to complete the installation and yet I'm still being billed.
The last technician was given December 31 2024 as the repair date which puts it at over a year from my first install of December 7 2023.
I am at a loss, I don't know what else to do, I have contacted the CRTC but they are looking at this as a billing issue even though it's directly an access issue.
It seems to me the MDU installation team made a mistake when initially installing the main box in 2017.


Hi @W_Douglas I hear where you are coming from. Normally we would escalate this to get you an answer but since your case is with the CRTC they have their process so please wait for one of our team members that's assigned to your case to contact you

They are dreaming this a billing issue that is outside their control.