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Unable to access certain websites on Wi-Fi.

Hello there,

I'm unable to access certain websites while others I can with no problem, however the majority of sites I can't access now. The problem happens on new Wi-Fi.
We installed new router on the downstairs in order to expand the signals, and this has happened since a few days ago. It seems to be cleared after a couple days. For example I can visit Google and search for things there or Facebook, Instagram is okay, but BMO, TD bank, Amazon, Microsoft or other websites I can't. It says “This website can not be reached, the server might be busy or check your internet connection.”

Wifi connection and signal is fine, so I've restarted the modem and devices with no luck. I tried to access the sites directly via their IP address with no luck as well.

Now It’s presented on my mobile phone and laptop.
How can I solve this problem?

Community Power User
Community Power User

So you have added a second router in addition to the Actiontec?


Please provide more information as to the steps you have taken.  If you simply want to have better Wi-Fi signal, Telus Boost devices might be a simpler solution.

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