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First experience with Telus


The install was last Thursday and the installer had not much to do .

!. I had cat 6 installed living room for one 4k box 

2.i Installed second cat 6 in back bedroom for Pvr In this case 

3.I had to move the sealed plastic box outside that contained the optical cable (the box was installed to low and would have to drill through concrete so moved the box up and over and  Used longer screws the ones used were to short .

4.I drilled the hole through the stucco and into house .

5.I put up a shelf for the equipment and had surge protector with eight outlets so all done on my part 

6.The installer was shocked about everything was i done . 

7.The first thing was done was the optical cable was passed through hole and into basement showed him where things were to be put and he did his thing went out for a couple minutes came back with 4k boxes and i installed them .

8.The install was painless 

Just have to get used to the channel layout from coming from  ShawCable 

The picture quality is 100 times better than shaw and the audio is also clearer and more detailed .new telus speed.JPG