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Boost Wireless Slow Speed

Hi everyone,

So I recently upgraded to the 300 fiber connection and I’ve been having some strange issues with my boost extenders.

When I connect to my main actiontec modem or when I turn on the wireless to my secondary router, I’m easily able to get 300+ down with no trouble.

When I connect to the boost extenders, regardless as to whether I’m actively connected to the wired main extender or any of the satellite ones, I can never get past 90mbps for download.

I know these devices can support up to 800 down based on what I’ve seen, and while I know there can be drop off when handing off to further nodes, I’ve tested and ensured I was connected to the main boost extender and I simply cannot get above 90.

I recently upgraded from the 50 hardwired service, and it seems as though the speeds have simply never changed outside of my other routers.

Is this normal? Any advice for correcting it?

Thanks in advance!


What type of hardware are you connecting to access points with you need AC network adapters 

Im connecting using a standard RJ45 cable, the one included with the set, and it’s connected with all the other included hardware.

Logging into the MyWifi app will show the correct speeds, sometimes a bit under. Right now it shows 211 down and I’m still not getting past 90 when I run a variety of speed tests.

When I connect to the main router it gets up to and over 300