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Fiber optic installation


Hi looking forward to getting Telus fiber this summer it is finally coming to our town and more importantly my road.  Now when it gets here how many connections are provided?  Do I need to get a splitter (1x16)?  I want a direct line to my computer to get maximum speed but I need at least 7 more lines elsewhere in the house (three laptops, game box, and at least one optic line to each room. I had wired the house with Cat6e with a netgear 48 port switch that also has four 1Gb optic ports.  So after checking YouTube and my head ready to burst from high tech language, I am just wanting to know what I should get to make the best use of the fiber provided.  What connections I need etc. I believe I am looking at LC optic connectors. I am going to get a PCIe network adapter with SPF+ to LC module for my computer to plug direct.  I have been told to measure the runs to the different rooms and buy premade optic lines. I had used the Lenovo keystone modules for the Cat6e lines and can get keystones for optic.  I’m trying to figure everything out so I can start preparing my house before it arrives so it will be a plug and go, not a well I have it, now what, scenario.


Community Manager
Community Manager

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