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WiFi 6 2.4 Ghz or 5.0?

I've gone through all the data available for my new Hub & Wi-Fi 6 but I can't see how to tell if it's 2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz or both.
I'd like to add a couple of wi-fi outlets but they say they operate on 2.4 Ghz & I can't find out what we have.


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I’ve got the new Network Hub but I’ve been trying to install a couple of wi-fi plugs that Telus list as “compatible” but they won’t connect. Had a tech tell me unless your system is 2.4 they probably won’t work. As a matter of fact, I read the literature on a plug for another system and it says that if it doesn’t connect the chances are your system isn’t 2.4.
Love the new wi-fi 6 but this wasn’t a problem I was anticipating.


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That might be the solution but I'll wait for the next time I have a Telus Tech to the house. I'm quite sure that if I start changing settings, I'll end up with no internet, no TV and end up on the phone with Telus for days. It's happened before and I get angry just thinking about it.

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I see you're copying and pasting my past posts. Please don't. It's easier just to link to them instead. The advantage of linking to the existing posts is that the screenshots are already visible as well as the discussions that went with them. When you re-post them, the images are not going to appear to other users right away.

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Sorry, Hope this fixes the copy & paste post(s).  I was replying from the link in the e-mail notification I received, NOT from the reply prompt on the website.  Lesson learned.🙄

Update, I signed into my Wi-Fi 6 (Technicolor Egyptian Blue) and the page I was presented with showed the option to enable SmartHomexxxx(2.4GHz) or SmartHomexxxx(5GHz).  I enabled 2.4GHz and used the password it provided.  Now when I select Wi-Fi on my device (Mac, iPad, iPhone it shows 2 Networks.  I can only select 1 Network at a time so I'm hoping while I'm using the 5GHz Network (much faster) the Smart Devices are able to use the 2.4GH Network in the background.  Not sure how that works.🤔🤔

Regardless, thanks for any and all assistance.