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Why does it take so long for fiber to be available?


Fiber was installed on the poles in my area in 2019, I have been asking since then to be connected to it. 
Latest reply was "There isn't a Network Access Point to hook up to".

I am in Spallumcheen, yes, it is rural, but there are neighbourhoods even more rural than where I am that have had fiber for several years!   

Come on Telus, 5G is awful.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. As part of the fibre network build process, the fibre itself definitely can be run through cities/towns in preparation for future hook up. While this is the first step, there's unfortunately no definitive timeline I can provide in terms of when the network itself will then be subsequently built to homes, businesses, etc. Rest assured our team completes this process as quickly as possible and you can always reach out directly to that team at 1-844-372-8559 if you'd like to discuss your location with them.