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What's it like to get a phone on a contract through the Website?


Hello everyone,,

We currently have an account but it's bring our own device. However I plan on getting the Pixel 4XL on a contract when it comes out (gonna pre-order). What's the process involve when getting a phone online and shipped? What information do I need? I have no physical Telus stores near me.



You basically need an unlocked phone, and a Telus SIM card to connect to a Telus account. You may be able to order one on line and have it delivered to you. I use Public Mobile which is owned by Telus, but is more self serve, and less expensive. Public Mobile will send a card ($10) that you can order on line, or you can pick them up at a few places like Walmart, and London Drugs.

Hello @KlausMikalson

When you pre order or get a phone from Telus website, they will ship you the phone and a sim card included in the box. The sim card will automatically be active. When you receive the phone? All you need to do is out in the sim card into the phone ( unless it's a Esim which will be automatically added for u with a scan code) and then turn on the phone. It will start working!

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You may need to provide ID information so a credit check can be completed, as the monthly phone payments are considered a loan.

Your current SIM may fit the new phone. If so, simply transferring the SIM To the new phone is all you need do. If the SIM is a different size, you will need to take the steps in MyTelus to enter the number of the new SIM in your account, thereby activating it.


Once ordered, the phone arrives in the mail some days later.


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