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Landline Charges

Just Moved In

I recently had my internet installed and at the same time, the engineer installed the phone line at no cost as apparently it was included in my deal at no cost. I'm just wondering if this means that throughout the duration of my contract calls are free or if I will be billed per call made?






@StuKelly  Did you get fiber internet hooked up. If you did the tech may have moved you to the fiber for the phone. So your home number will stay the same and billing will stay the same as when you were on copper.

I did get fiber internet, but this is a new apartment building so there was no prior phone or internet. I'm new to Canada as well, so I haven't had any landline contract here before.

@StuKelly  Good question maybe just hooked up the tel wires for that apartment because you might sign up later. If you have a phone to plug in try it. circuit might be live but with out a number assigned to it i don't think it will work. all i can say. polecat

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Community Power User

Sometimes the phone circuit is connected solely to manage the entry (doorbell) system of apartment buildings, and 911 calls. Any other use would attract fees.


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It has been a long time since I have had an actual landline phone. I still have the actual copper line coming into the house, but it only supplies internet and Optik TV. I recall that a land line with Telus when I had one was around $30 a month. Most people now don't bother with a land line and just use their cell phone. We now have cell phones, but earlier we switched our landline over to VOIP with Ooma. It costs about $100 to get a box that plugs into your internet router. You then plug regular land line, wired or wireless phones into the Ooma box. They say the cost is $0 a month, but there are actually taxes, and a 911 charge that add up to about $5 a month. It includes unlimited long distance in Canada, and very low international rates. It is a pretty good deal if you really want a land line type phone. It has some neat features like sending your voicemail to your smartphone, and a smart phone app that lets you use your Ooma free calling anywhere you can get WiFi on the phone.