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What compensation for email outage will keep you as a Telus customer?


Having an email outage of more than a few hours is simply inexcusable in this day and age. While I appear to be getting new emails, I know for a fact that there are emails from at least August 16th and 17th that have not arrived. And the biggest problem with not getting emails is that you don't know you didn't get them unless the sender tells you (which they can't do via email!) or they eventually show up.


I have internet, Optik tv, home phone, and three mobility accounts with Telus. I will be moving in the next couple of months or I would do it today but Telus will be losing out on close to $500 per month of revenue from just me. How many others will there be? Don't forget, this exact thing happened back in May and they appear to have done nothing to address the root of the problem.


So here is my honest answer to my question: I would only be satisfied with a minimum of 2 months credit for my internet service which is $85 x 2 = $170.


What about you?


Helpful Neighbour

Called in again and was offered:


-$10 service credit for 6 months

-Unlimited data for 6 months

-Service bundle credits for 6 months


Even if you were already given a free month or two of free Internet service, don't hesitate to phone in to complain about Day 8 of no email service. Virtually no wait time for the loyalty dept.


1 month credit per day outage, nothing less, in my case 6 days, and that's not considering any of the still missing emails that never came through. 

Hope I'm now posting this is the proper place (?)


Our email/webmail stopped working for approx. 10 days because of the "outage". It then was working for 6 days (to send/receive, minus any of the older messages & info stored within), then Thursday of this past week crashed once more. Thursday evening approx. 6 pm rec'd a call from a male (daftly didn't ask his name, although I'm certain he said it at the beginning) who said he was a Telus rep and was calling to advise our account would be receiving a $100 credit for the inconveniences on the October bill, plus from the 29th onward a $25.00 credit for every day it was not working thereafter. He didn't ask for any account info at all, only asked to speak to the person registered under the account (he had the name). NOW, again being without this service since Thurs, I rec'd a call Saturday from a female Telus rep who said she was calling to see how things were going, to which I replied not good, of course it's down again. She said she was from technical support and tried numerous times to reset (& have me reset) my Telus password, to no avail. Message of "invalid login" just keeps coming up. In any case I asked regarding if there are records kept of calls which Telus makes to its account holders & she said she'd have to pass the call onto the "customer care" dept. A snarly young man came onto the phone, whereby I asked the question of whether phone calls were noted or recorded when made from Telus employees, and was told "yes". I didn't say why I wanted this info, but he continued to dig for why I wanted to know this. Then after advising these 100/25 details, he stated, no there is no record of that call ever being made, and that what I've told him is seriously incorrect … we would be getting a 7.95 credit on our upcoming Sept. bill. Sorry this is so long; just want to know if anyone else experienced this call from Telus, which of course is still down.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, Telus has been making outbound calls describing the compensation offered to still-disconnected customers. You should also receive a call offering details of how to receive a reset of your account, having completed a backup of your old emails, if using a mail client on your computer.


I’ll be finalizing the steps the next day or so for my account.


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Helpful Neighbour

Telus offered the following compensation for me:


- 1 month free Internet service for October

- $100 service credit to be applied to October 2019 bill

- $25/day service credit from Aug 29 through Sept 3 ($150) to be applied in October


Telus had been trying to call me for the past several days. I'm pretty satisfied with the compensation to be honest.