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Desperate need of help with Telus fibre

Just Moved In
Hi there

I have been waiting for 2 months now for Telus fibre to be dropped in my house. It is a new area and my fellow neighbours have Telus fibre already. I was told by the third party company that does the drop that they needed “locates?” And then proceeded to ghost me since and I have never heard back from them. I tried talking to Telus fibre support and then they said that they didn’t have permission to dig based on municipality government? A technician came by and he mentioned that that is not the case as it’s federally regulated and doesn’t know why the drop hasn’t happend. I have zero answers to why the drop hasn’t happend and getting extremely frustrated by this whole process as no one is telling me why the drop hasn’t happend. I try escalating this to managers but they also don’t give me a straight answer and at this point trying to see if I can contact someone even else. I was wondering if anyone else has had this much difficulty with fibre drop or knows who to contact for a solution.


Friendly Neighbour

I'm having the same issue, a drop was supposed to be made but they never came.
Telus technician came and installed a temporary drop, but it's not ideal because the cord is literally exposed outside, coming from the street, across my lawn and into my house lol 

It's actually so stupid because someone can come and yank it out of the ground or cut it - not to mention that its laying in BETWEEN my and my neighbours house, so if they were to be cutting the grass and didn't see it there, I'm screwed.



Locates is a term used to locate all underground utility lines that would be in the vicinity of where your new Fibre drop will be buried. They need to locate underground power, water, gas, cable, copper phone etc to avoid these lines when trenching the Fibre. This is mandatory and must be done for obvious safety reasons. It sounds like there is either a holdup with the locate team or the contracting company that Telus uses to place the drop in your area. If you are already in touch with an escalation manager, they need to reach out to the local Field Manager for your area. This is the person who will have direct communication to the crews that can get the ball rolling. If the escalation manager says they don't know how to do that, ask to speak to a different one. This is what needs to happen since you aren't getting any traction through other methods.



New  area to me does not mean new subdivision to me where all cables are inside a pipe. Many older UG sub were direct burial so locating is a must . That being said homes on one side of the street will not get fibre because the town or city will not allow cutting pavement to get across to them. Where i live new overhead upgrade and  had to sign to allow telus to install fibre to and into the house. Some people said no but when they went to downsize the house sales fell through affecting price also. One new owner i heard of is now over a year of waiting for install. Old UG subs have huge problem with this. I worked for power company and know all the problems that happen with UG systems. Polecat