Unauthorized add-on purchase and online removal not available

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I noticed there has been a $15 dollars unlimited internet usage add-on added to my account since Jan 2020. I did not ask for this product, nor received notice for having this service started. This is very sneaky and I have never seen any provider force their customers to buy things that they are not aware of. Now I would like to remove this add-on from my account which it not available. I've tried "My Telus" both on app and website, there isn't a link to remove it. Then I've tried the online assistant and the call centre. I understand it is a difficult time and Telus is having limited team operation, but with the call centre completely closed, what other options do I have? Does this ever happen to anyone else, and how was it resolved? Thanks!


Is there any chance it shows as an add-on, but further down the bill, you see the charge being reversed?  I’m just wondering if maybe this is in response to the COVID-19 crisis and Telus maybe giving everyone unlimited for the time when so many are self isolating. 

Just a guess, and I could be wrong. Maybe someone knows for sure. 

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Hi there, I have checked my bills, for January there was a reduction, however for Feb and Mar there isn't and my balance for both month increased by 15+tax.
I recall an offer last year for free unlimited internet for a period of time after which you would be charged if you didn't cancel when it ended. Is it possible you signed up for this last year?