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Trying to port forward, but I think Telus is blocking the ports

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I want to host a server on teamspeak3, but this requires some port forwarding to work.

The below site link says they're not open when I tested.

EDIT: I went to get into port through cmdprompt telnet, with command 'o port <port number>'. It couldn't open the port. I hope Telus isn't simply blocking all port forwarding. 


If they are, then I'd (politely) ask why?  



@Jaybor Wrote:  I hope Telus isn't simply blocking all port forwarding. 


No Telus is not blocking all port forwarding, however, they do block some ports on residential internet connections. See this thread for more info.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

From what I've seen Teamspeak3 doesn't use any ports that would be blocked by Telus.


Assuming you have an T3200M this article may be helpful in configuring port forwarding:


Opening Ports in a Actiontec T3200M Router (

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


You haven't given any details about how you set up your forwarding so it's hard to say why it's not working.

Are you testing the port with telnet from inside or outside your home network?

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I am having a similar problem. I run a MC server, and I had everything working. I recently had an "upgrade" to wifi boost with a new router and now only some can connect to my server. So far only other Telus customers and Mobile connections can reach the server (tested as telus and Freedom mobile hotspotting). But Shaw residential accounts cannot. First level tech support was able to help. But if they are blocking ports, they are also blocking ip's. Very frustrating.  I have another server that runs on the Steam platform and that one has no problem. Both are running off the same hardware so I know it's not my settings.

Addendum, Telus first level support WASN'T able to help.