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Telus pure fibre connection help

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Hello everyone,

I had my home tv and internet connections upgraded through my Strata. Telus came and installed their pure fibre wires and new boxes to connect to my suite.

Now I have recently upgraded my TV and AVR to 4K compatible tech and purchased cat 8 Ethernet cables.

However I just noticed that I didn’t replace the ones that came with the Telus hardware ONT/T3200m.

Now my question is, what cat rating is the cable that would have come with the Telus equipment, specifically the ONT box from the wall that connects to the T3200m, and do I need to upgrade that cat cable.?

Please help, thank you

Community Power User
Community Power User

Cat8 is severe overkill and is rated up to 40gbps with the right hardware. Cat6 is capable of up to 10gbps and is more than enough. The installed hardware is only 1gbps in speed.

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Is there any downside besides cost to run the cat 8 vs running cat 6?

@Athalagos Wrote: Is there any downside besides cost to run the cat 8 vs running cat 6?


One of the drawbacks could be the physical size of the cabling, and stiffness' of same. For your reference please see the following outline of the various cable types...


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