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Telus email account attempting to login to google maps over and over again


I have an Android tablet and and Android phone.   On both devices I have a [email protected] account as my primary account for all google services.  I also have [email protected] to access email only and I have not ever used that for any google apps like maps or docs, just email only.


About a week ago, both devices starting to send a notification saying:

Google Play Services
Request
[email protected]
I can see these attempts for  Google Maps.  They will come up every couple of hours over and over again.
When I click on the notification I get this.


I saw an old telus forum posting to login to a temp google account using but that would not let me login so I could not get past the first step.
In Android settings on both devices, under the google accounts, my telus account, Sync Settings, I have all the sync options disabled.  What is interesting is there is no option to disable sync to google maps which is the one that keeps sending notifications on.
In google maps, I can see clearly that my gmail account is the primary account that is logged in.   Under the google maps settings, I can see my telus account.   When I click on the telus account in google maps. It says cannot login the specified google account.

How do I stop the google play services from trying to log my telus email account into google maps or allow the telus account to login to the google maps to stop these annoying notifications?


Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a recent discussion that sounds like your issue. Maybe see if the solution there can work for you?

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That is the same issue yes.   But that thread said to disable norifications for google play services and that is a temp hack and not a solution.   Need a proper solution that prevents the attempts or allows the login so that we can receive normal play services notifications

I agree with WayneT's assessment.  This is NOT a solution.  Come on Telus Support, you moved us onto the Google Suite platform so you didn't have to work with in house email servers.  You need to work with Google and get this issue resolved for all your Mobility users that pay dearly for the services you promised to provide.

Just Moved In

I am seeing the same issue on my Android phone

Just Moved In

My wife and I are both seeing this many times a day each on our Android phones.  Neither of us has made any changes to trigger this, so it must be due to some change either at Google or with the way Telus is managed as a Google client.  Regardless of the reason, it is VERY annoying.  If it is a problem that is fixable at the server side, please address this - and if it can be fixed (not just hidden by suppressing all notifications) by configuration change on the phone, please let us know what to do.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey Everyone. We have opened a ticket with Google and will provide updates as they are made to TELUS from Google. 


If possible, can you share the following details with me, via a direct message, so we can provide the details to Google for troubleshooting? 


- Android Build Number = 
See Home > Settings > About [Phone/Tablet] > Build Number
- App build number = 
See Home > Settings > Apps or Applications [> Manage Applications] > Docs > on top or bottom of the screen is the version number
- Device/Hardware = 
See Home > Settings > About [Phone/Tablet] > Model number
- Network Service = 
Please indicate whether 5G/4G/3G/Wifi/Offline (e.g. airplane mode) when you experience the issue. 


Thank you everyone for flagging this issue. 

Hey Everyone.


Thank you for your patience and feedback on this issue, and the example details you provided. This has been helpful with resolving the issue. 


We have been able to work with Google on the issue and they have made a change to reduce the frequency of the alerts. They are working on a full fix and will have this completed for us soon. I have noticed that my frequency is much lower now and I am not able to reproduce the issue as much as I could before.


The one app that is still pretty consistent is Maps, which we have raised back to to Google and they are working with the team on resolving. 


As more updates are provided, I will continue to provide them to you here. 


Thank you!

Just Moved In

I am also seeing this issue in my Android phone. Several attempts per hour, one per Google app: Google Keep, Google Drive, Maps, etc. etc. Extremely annoying. 

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Can you send me the details via DM so I can add you feedback to our ticket with Google? I have a post on this thread that outlines the details I need. 


Thank you. 

Done. Thank you for following up with them


I'm also experiencing this on my Pixel 6 phone. I get constant notifications for Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.


I signed out of the Telus Google Workspace account and the notifications stopped. When I signed back in, they started again. Since the account only includes Gmail, Contacts and Calendar, I disabled sync on all of the other services. That made no difference.


I reported this in the Google Pixel Community and a Platinum Product Expert replied, saying to contact the workspace account administrator, which in this case is Telus.


Telus, this is a problem. Please fix it!

bimmerdriver, please follow instruction by SmoresGuy (above your post).


"Can you send me the details via DM so I can add you feedback to our ticket with Google? I have a post on this thread that outlines the details I need. "


Yesterday, there was a System Update on my phone. It made no difference to this problem. I hope Telus is making progress getting this sorted out with Google.