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RE: Billing for no Services

Just Moved In

After more than 15 years with Telus I finally decided to switch providers due to the utter lack of customer service - any company that is fine with their clients waiting hours on hold on the phone needs to rethink their business model.


Warning to all - now they are billing me for a full month of services I did not receive.  I have called and cancelled my Internet, I have returned the equipment but they still bill.


I spoke with someone yesterday who kept putting me on hold and when I told her the situation she agreed that I should not have been billed for the Internet after I had cancelled my account.  She then told me she would look into it further and call me back.


Guess what?  No call back and still waiting.



Agree with that. I've been with Telus for 30 years, had multiple accounts and I was just saying this is the absolute WORST they have ever been!! I was on hold for over 3 hours after they just upped my bill from 75 to $120 and couldn't get ANYONE to go over it... I'm thinking of just paying off my bill and going to someone else. Efff Telus and their farming out for crappy customer service.

Good luck getting your money back! Telus doesn't care anymore, they used to when it was a western Canada based company... NO MORE

Hi BCFieldTech - Without looking at your bill I can almost guarantee that you had discounts that ended between last month and this month. You can check what happened if you look at last month's bill and any discounts will tell you the exact date that they expire.


In terms of renewing your discounts or service agreement you do have to speak to customer service. I recommend our chat function over at if you are unable to wait for a frontline agent.


If you do need someone to go over your bill, please send me a message


Hey emlindh76 - I would like to take a look at your situation and see how I can help. Especially if you were promised a callback and haven't received one. Please look for a message from me