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Boost WiFi works when wired but not otherwise

Friendly Neighbour
I got myself 5 boosters. They’re all setup in my connect app. When all are wired at the same time they’re all blue lights and show as working.

When I disconnect the 4 satellite units from Ethernet, only 2 stay blue and two go red which is confirmed in the app. I’ve reconnected, restarted, etc and nothing helps.

Any ideas why two satellite units work as expected and two only work when wired?


Hi PoCoGuy - in my experience a red light would mean that they are too far away from another booster or the modem. Have you tried unplugging them from Ethernet and moving them closer together?

Friendly Neighbour
Thanks for the reply.

All the units are side by side, practically touching.

Any other ideas on why half work and half do not?

I have two thoughts if they are so close together. It could be interference as they are all trying to broadcast the same network. To test you could unplug them all and begin plugging them in one-by-one. 


If the same ones are showing the red light then it could be that the units are faulty and need replacement - that would be a call to our tech support team to have them look at the issue.