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Telus Internet Speed...


Today is 14 July 2022. I  am using a wireless ZTE smart hub. Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that my connectivity speeds have been deteriorating considerably. It is now slower than my old dial-up service used to  be. I want to ask if anyone else is experiencing this? Is there a problem with Telus right now or is it just me???



@Pintoguy Wrote: I  am using a wireless ZTE smart hub.


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I might suggest you perhaps ask over on the Mobile Device forum. Not sure how much help we maybe able to offer in this section.


I hope this link may help,


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Have you reached out to technical support? That's usually the first thing to do, especially in situations like this. If it's been ongoing for weeks, call in. It's possible it's just your hub that's affected or it may be something else. Since Telus has infrastructure in many provinces and covering millions of square kilometers, asking if there's a "problem with Telus" is far to general of a question. Your hub will be connected to whichever tower is closest to you.

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Thanks for the replies guys. It is most sincerely appreciated. I guess then the problem is on my end so I will start from there. I also recently switched computers too! So maybe the problem is the machine that I am now using. Thanks again...


I should also mention that I am using a ZTE MF275R Smart Hub. And the 'Signal Indicator' is a steady yellow which indicates a weak signal. That should be a clue as to the cause of the problem...