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Removed a device on Telus Connect app but want to add it again.

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I'm trying to use the Telus Connect app to be able to turn on and off the wifi to my son's devices. It wasn't working with the iPad so I chose to remove it from the network and then try to add it again. However, now it is listed as a device on the Wifi Traffic screen but when I select it, it says "This device is being removed from your network". It's been saying that all day. I want to add it again. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


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I am having the same issue but with a PC. I don't see any options in the app to re add back the device via any method or manually. is there something we have to do within the mode to remake the connection?

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Same problem here, with a deleted device that I want to add back. Has anyone tried to reset the Wifi router, and then see if that works?