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Our email is forced to Google - despite their privacy violations & aiding police state dictators?


So where is Telus' social license after they've decided to obligate all of us, without choice, to use Google as we use our email? 

Telus isn't aware of Google's decade long history of repeatedly being caught data-mining email users, whether individual users or users from universities and other groups?  Not aware that Google has continued to defend in court their claimed right to do this?

Telus isn't aware that Google is, right now, accepting payment from the Communist Chinese police state dictatorship to enable those fascists to censor what the citizens of that dictatorship can search for, find, and view on the Internet? 


Telus isn't aware that Google is accepting payment from the Communist Chinese police state so they can use Google's analytics tools to spy on their citizens, track what they are saying and doing on the Internet, and then assign their citizens "social scores" that determine whether they get a job, whether their children can go to school, whether they can travel, etc?

How about Google happily working with the Communist Chinese despite those dictatorships using Google to help them continue their genocide of their Muslim Ugher citizens?  The repression and murder of those in the Falon Gong religious group?


Google - and Telus - can be trusted after that to protect my privacy?  Given Google's decade long record of doing exactly the opposite?  I don't believe that.


If the NRA, the original US civil rights organization with over 4 million paid members, offered a similar email engine as Google, but at just half the cost - would Telus have also shoved the NRA down our throats without asking first because it would have saved us money?  And if not, why not?

I spent 30 years wearing the uniform of a Canadian infantryman, representing our country overseas on UN peacekeeping tours and in war deployments, being a bullet magnet. I saw what genocide looks and smells like in Bosnia.  Genocide exactly like Google's partner, Communist China, is doing right now with their Muslim Ugher citizens.


And now Telus tells me they WILL give my email account and personal information to Google - a company eager to help fascistic police state dictatorships as long as they will pay them, just like Telus, for doing so?  Where I not only pay my monthly Telus fees, but I also become an asset Google can make money off selling?

Google is the antithesis of everything Canada and Canadian values stand for, in what they do with personal information and who they will partner with and help to make a profit.

Google is evil.  They treat people as a commodity for monetization. 


Go ahead and change my mind: make an argument that they aren't, given their record of aiding dictatorships like Communist China engage in genocide and oppression. 


Go ahead and change my mind that I should trust them to respect my privacy after their decade long record of doing the opposite.

This is disgusting.  Whoever decided to partner with any company like Google is disgusting.

At least give us an option to continue using our Telus email without going through and being used by a company like Google to add to their profits.

Need some web links to Google's history, Telus?  Or do you already know - but you just don't care?



Community Power User
Community Power User

FWIW I share many of your concerns regarding Google.


I can only speculate why Telus opted to go to Gmail. I do know they had a major outage a while back and that may have been the impetus to change. I don't think email is core to what Telus does (a communications company) and likely decided to spin this off.


Here is an interesting link from Ryerson addressing their considerations when they migrated to Gmail. Skip to the section on "Objections to Google" to see why they still went with Google:


Email & Collaboration Tools Consultation | Ryerson Community Consultation



Just a long time customer hoping to help.

"While people strongly object to using Google the committee has not found a factual basis for these objections."


I think they are talking about security against 3rd party.

The point is that Google collect information, personal data, and someone us don't think they use this to our advantage.

This point is ignored.

I have been using gmail since it started. I have gmail address that is 5 letters and a simple word.

I like the GUI and the filterning.

Unfortunately I also saw all the changes it's gone though from being just an email service provider, to commercial enterprise which bate/forces the changes it needs to make money. Such as collecting information. 

I don't care if they know I like to play a certain game or buy a contain food.

They should not ask for my birthday, my phone number. Too many identity theft out there.

They should not collect who my family/friends are and create such profile about us that can be used in many ways in the future I may not want it to and  I have no control over it at all.

All the same for FB of cause.


I stopped using an ISP for email decades ago.

If you feel that strongly about it, you should too.