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My Telus App

Just Moved In
App not working. I did all the suggested checks and reinstalls still not working

Community Power User
Community Power User

How exactly is it not working? Can’t login, can’t see accounts? What device are you using. 
can you login through the My Telus link at the top of this page?

The app is working for me.

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A while back I got this e-mail from that may be of interest to you. I don't use the app as I have not figured out what it is good for...


We're making changes to the Optik TV app to improve your viewing experience.
Between Nov. 9 to Nov. 20 you may experience interrupted service as we make these upgrades.
Starting Nov. 9, we're making some upgrades to the way you access your Optik TV services through the app and your browser. The biggest change you'll notice is that Flash is no longer required to access Optik TV through your browser along with several other upgrades for an even better experience.

During the upgrade you may experience disruption when accessing Optik TV through your app or browser from Nov. 9 to Nov. 20, however any disruption will be temporary. Please note your Optik box will remain unaffected and continue working as normal during this period. To minimize disruption and give you the best viewing experience, please ensure that automatic updates have been turned on in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For further information on this upgrade, please visit our help section.