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Is this a legit Telus sales email address?


Hi everyone,


I got a call from Telus. They mentioned Telus deployed the Fiber Optic network in my community and will give me great deal if I willing to switch from Shaw to Telus.


In the past few months, I got at least 4 Telus sales person come to my door and tried to do the same thing (want me switch to Telus), so I didn't suprise got their call, even it was 10 PM local time.


I asked the guy in the phone to send me the offer detail to my email, and it looks good. So I gave them my name, DOB and driver's licenst number. After about 10 minutes, I got another email notified me my order has been placed and installation date has been scheduled.


I used the Telus account number listed in the order confirmation email to create the Telus online account at "", account creation succeed and I can see both of the Internet service agreement and installation appointment there without issue.


However, this morning I noticed the offer email was sent from "[email protected]". I was expecting the email coming from "", but I know "" domain also belongs to Telus. Does anyone know if this email address is actually a legit email address which used by Telus Sales? The order confirmation email was sent from another email address "[email protected]".



Your best bet is to go on to the Telus chat, ask for an agent and confirm the legitimacy of the service.

I called Telus support and the lady told me it should be fine,since she can see my account number, Internet service agreement and the installation appointment on her end as well, which means whoever I gave my personal info to yesterday indeed used those info to generate the Telus account number and created the Internet service agreement for me. The lady told me only Telus employees have ability to do this.


It's just interesting that how Telus knows the owner of the phone number they called at 10 PM lives at this address and can speak the Mandarin. Yes, they literaly start speaking the Mandarin at the beginning of the call even before I saying anything.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Official correspondence will come from an "" email address. "" is generally reserved for consumer email accounts.

In the email itself, can you expand the "From" field to see if there is another domain included?

I just checked the email original message. There is no other email domain included in the "From" field. The "[email protected]" is the only one there. I forwarded this email to "[email protected]" and currently waiting if Telus will give me any feedbacks.