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Utility pole

Just Moved In

A car hit theTelus utility pole outside my house, and cut it in half. We have no internet as another truck hit the fibre wire going across the road to my house in two. 
Called Telus and the said they will send a tech on the 31 August.

I don’t think it safe for the pole to be left dangling over the road. 
Great service. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

The other issue is that most of the poles are shared and Telus owns extremely few. It's possible that Telus doesn't even own the pole. Is there just the fibre line on the pole or are there other lines also like power or cable?

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Jumping on @Nighthawk to add that you should call the city. They know who actually owns the pole and can push them to deal with it early, especially if there is an actual safety hazard at hand.