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Additional SSID on Telus arcadyan wifi hub?

So how do you another SSID to this modem? I cannot seem to find a way using the admin login 192….etc

Is it possible?

Or at the very least to secure the guest wifi option?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Ingepenne Have you tried downloading the TELUS Connect app?

I have downloaded the connect app. It does not allow for addition of a second SSID.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Are you talking abou a GUEST WIFI?

Above is an example of a router capable of broadcasting multiple SSIDs.

The current setup of the telus unit is setup broadcast two SSIDs - the secure primary SSID and the unsecured Guest SSID ( for which you cannot assign a password)

On my older telus modem/router I can easily to into admin and create a dedicated 5g ssid, a 2.4g specific ssid and a general or default mutliband ssid all with different names and passwords.