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Is this a SCAM???

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I'm very confused right now. Today, I received a call from 833-390-3721, claiming to be a representative from Telus. Because I had only switched to Telus a month ago, I thought they were calling to ask for feedback on my internet service. I wasn't sure if they were scammers, but they provided detailed information about my internet plan and account balance. Then they asked for my SIN number, and without much thought, I gave it to them. Later, I received another call from 844-962-1419, which was also from the previous representative. She mentioned that she hadn't asked for my date of birth yet. After telling her, I realized immediately after the call that I might have been scammed. I promptly informed my bank, TransUnion, and the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre. In less than an hour, I received an email from Telus with the following email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]. I also received a text message from 777222 saying that I had successfully selected an Optik TV plan. This text message left me very confused because the same number was used when Telus installed my internet previously. I checked my Telus app and indeed, I had activated this Optik TV plan. So now I'm very confused whether this is a scam or a legitimate promotion from Telus. Do they usually ask customers for their SIN numbers?

Thank you.


  • I’m with Telus and they never asked for a SIN or b’date.  

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Kupa,

Do they usually ask customers for their SIN numbers?
As a TELUS employee, I can confirm that yes, there are specific times where we may request a SIN, Date of Birth, Drivers License Number.  For example, we always request 2 pieces of ID when activating new accounts, and processing credit checks. Source: TELUS Website - Checklist for activations and renewals. To prevent unwanted activity on your TELUS account, we want to make sure its really you. So we may still ask existing customers of TELUS to provide types of identification for specific scenarios and or triggers. 


Regarding the phone numbers you mentioned: 833-390-3721, 844-962-1419 

These are not listed on the TELUS website, and I am unable to find any internal directories that use this numbers either. I have seen rare occurrences where an official TELUS sales team uses a unique number, or a 3rd party marketing agency offering TELUS services uses a number we are not familiar with. With that being said, I personally would not trust those numbers due to the limited information on them. I would just call into TELUS using the numbers shown on our website.

Regarding the emails you mentioned: [email protected] , [email protected]
These are real TELUS emails. The first one is used for quotes. The other one I cant find any specifics on, but it uses the offical domain which is trusted. 

Regarding the number that texted you: 777222
This number is used when an appointment is created for new service, or an installation for home services.


I do suggest that you give TELUS a call, request that they review recent changes made on your account so you can see if you recognize all of them. Then have them check to see if there are any new accounts opened with your information. If you recognize all changes, and you recognize all of the accounts open under your details, there is no active concerns to worry about.


If you have concerns with the details you shared over the phone, and you want to be proactive in protecting yourself, you could call Equfax and Transunion. Request they review any recent credit checks, and also request they add a Fraud Alert on your file. This will prevent anyone, including yourself from having getting a credit check. If a credit check is requested, Transunion/Equfax will notify you that an attempt was made, and you will then have to manually approve or decline it. 

I hope that helps clarify some things for you.

Hi Brandon,


I called this number:1-833-390-3721. I got a TELUS representative. My account clearly came up. I have advised said agent to escalate this to the manager and whatever team manages the outbound phone system used to contact customers.


I have also been getting calls from this number, and they have not been leaving voicemails. Sometimes I get calls multiple times in one day. I also have call control on so I know its a human trying to reach me. The agent did not know about the number.


The thing is, call center phone systems will sometimes have multiple caller ID numbers that DO NOT MATCH anything on the website. This is a very normal practice for call centers.


The problem with this, is in a day and age where you can be scammed for just answering your phone and being hung up on, people don't answer numbers they don't know. Whomever is doing said outbound calls trying to sell services needs to learn to leave a voicemail, or your team who deals with the phone service should see if maybe having a call display name on outbound calls is an option. 


Hope this helps, From a fellow call center worker. 

I just blocked it.
I’m sure it’s a legit contact from TELUS, but I guarantee they’re trying to sell something. The give-away is actually the lack of voicemail, which tells me the most important thing… they push sales for a commission of some kind.
If they leave a voicemail and you call back, there’s almost zero chance of getting the same person.. so someone else gets the commission.

All these companies are pretty well the same and use the same systems.
Ever notice the delay from your “hello” to when they start talking? That’s because they’re using a crappy VOIP system and are not even connecting to the line until it’s confirmed to be answered by a person.

My rule for all 800 numbers is simple.
- if I get a call with no ID, I don’t answer.
- if they call back, I answer with a generic “hello”
- if I get no response within 2 seconds, I hang up.
- if they call again and it’s the same as the previous call, I block the number.
- if it’s important, a real human can pick up a real phone and dial my number. Or they can pick any one of a number of other ways to reach me.

Tis my 2 cents.

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Today I received a call from that same number and Googled it in case there was some sort of scam. They said nothing, hung up after saying a couple of words I didn’t understand.

Will block this number. Thanks for reporting your experience.

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I recently have spoken to a fellow from this #1-833-390-3721. It actually comes up as Telus when I’m in BC Canada but when I’m in the USA it’s just the number that comes up. As toll free service. Anyway the fellow is selling a promotion. I told hi. I need to think on it and call me back in a few more days as I need a few more days to think about it. I’ve talked to him twice already. I will ask him how do I know you’re legit? But I will contact Telus to check.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Can't find that number on my end here, so it doesn't appear to be legitimate. You did the right thing to be vigilant as unfortunately there are a lot of fraudulent callers claiming to be TELUS, etc. 

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Yes, I can confirm this sentiment as I keep receiving such calls from the 833-390-3721 and when I called back it said Telus. Though the contact info said "unknown". They keep calling for the past week and its sickening. I always research the number via official directories. On top of that they never leave a voice mail. I never answer calls I do not know, my parents on the other hand keep doing that. I also have a call blocking setting on with my phone. Somehow just today before writing this post they called me. I am with Telus. 

As a public servant any phone companies are not allowed to ask for your SIN by law.

They will proceed to tell you they can but do not provide it.

Contact you local Service Canada and REPORT them to our Integrity Department. We have sent our Investigators out to cell phone companies to tell them by law they are not allowed to ask for this.

The only people required to give your SIN to is your Employer, Gov't Departments (CRA, Service Canada, etc and your Bank may require it.

Hi @BCPublicServant ,


I share the same concerns regarding sharing my SIN outside of the legally required areas, and use extreme caution myself.


But I will have to contradict myself as a TELUS Employee since its much easier for us to prevent fraud if we have more forms of ID on file. Fraudsters are getting very clever with using AI/phishing/social engineering to the point its very easy for them to obtain enough valid ID to open accounts with cellphone providers which can have a damaging affect to their credit, and time canceling/replacing cards, auditing their statements, and so on. 


Just to make some clarifications:

  • A SIN number is not mandatory to run a credit check through TELUS.
    If a customer chooses to decline the other methods of identification, or does not have multiple pieces of valid ID available, a SIN is an alternative solution if the customer chooses, otherwise they can visit a TELUS Store and verify their identity in person without a SIN.
    Reference to for more information on valid forms of ID

  • In reference to the The Social Insurance Number (SIN) Code of Practice Section 2.1 Key duties of SIN holders (1) it states: "You can share your SIN outside of legally prescribed uses. However, in doing so, you may expose yourself to a heightened risk of fraud or identity theft. You should only do so if you are willing to assume that risk.", followed by: "subscribing to cellular telephone, internet or television services".


Cell providers need to stop asking our clients for their SIN. As a PS we will send our Investigators over to your place of business to tell you to stop. Once this happens your company is placed on our internal Federal list of private business who are contributing to fraud by asking this.

Telus, Bell, Rogers, etc have all gotten in trouble for this poor practice more than once. Stop bullying our clients just so you can make a sale. Our clients have come back to us saying the sales person is denying them a cell phone if they don't provide it. This is what is causing our Investigators to visit your businesses.

SINs are never to be used as ID for any private sector businesses ever. Stop asking our clients to assume that risk. There are other forms of IDs that can be used without exposing the privacy of our clients SIN.

We do tell our clients to never provide thier SIN to any cell phone services no matter how pushy cellular sales people can be.

I will be forwarding this email with your information up to our Integrity Directors to deal with Telus bad practices.

And Passport Numbers.

I guess there is a difference between no requirement and not allowed to ask for it.
As someone who just went through another phone company sign up on the phone, I told 2 IDs needed. One DL. (ok) second , SIN, Passport number, CC . So I said no to SIN and P# but then she could not get the CC verification working on the phone. She was very nice and understood that I don't want to give out these numbers but clearly directed to ask for it. In fact the CC only came up after I rejected the other two.
She told me to go to a store and present my CC there. What is lol is for another service with this company, I am already paying with that CC !  She said she had no access to that.

Not applicable

I too have been receiving calls regularly from 1-833-390-3721. After failed attempts reseaching this number today I decided to answer. When doing so theire was an immediate pause hesitation on the other end to which they then addressed me by my name.  Knowing there is a scam where they try to get an answer yes I responded by asking who I was speaking with calling from an 800 number. They told me was calling from Telus and again tried to have me ascknowledge with a yes to my name, I told them I was not expecting a call from Telus and if was I would expect Telus to show and identify on my phone and to not call again. You would think if Telus they would have at least offiered an apology for inconvenienece of continusly calling...Nope...they Immediately hung up without even acknowledging my comment . This absolutely confirmed for me that it was some kind of a scam and not Telus. I wanted to reply here to put out a scam warning on this number as well as to make Telus aware of this activity. Hopefully Telus you will be concerned and follow up on this 800 number. 

Same problem for us, they say they are telus and have our name. We have told them
Numerous times we are not interested in home security but the calls keep coming

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Same deal here, daily calls from 1-833-390-3721 . It immediately shows up on my phone as Suspected Spam and i've added them to my block list but they're relentless.


Let's be real for a second here though, there's a lot of things you don't give out over the phone to people and your SIN number is at the very top of that list, right next to your passport. Even BrandonT here is giving god awful advice saying there are times where Telus would ask you for your SIN number over the phone-- no they absolutely wouldn't Brandon. There's dozens of alternative identification options that are SIGNIFICANTLY better and don't put people at risk because of poor policy. There's no world where you should be asking a person for this. The most frustrating thing here is googling "Telus needs my sin number" shows your post in bold letters saying it's fine, when you're setting people up to get absolutely railed assuming this is common practice.

Here is some of the information might be helpful


Avoiding online or robot calls on the Telus network, or any network for that matter, involves a combination of proactive measures and caution.I believe they offer free feature to block robo calls. Basically when anyone call your number system prompt you to enter random number which robo caller can not do.

This will save you alot of time.


Here are some tips specifically tailored to Telus users:

  1. Activate Call Blocking Features: Telus provides call blocking features that allow you to block specific numbers or types of calls. Explore options such as Call Control or Call Screen to filter out unwanted calls.

  2. Enable Spam Call Filtering: Telus offers spam call filtering services that automatically identify and block known spam and fraudulent numbers. Ensure that this feature is activated on your account to reduce the number of unwanted calls.

  3. Do Not Share Personal Information: Avoid sharing personal information, such as your phone number, on public platforms or websites where it can be harvested by scammers. Be cautious when filling out forms or participating in online surveys.

  4. Register for the National Do Not Call List: In Canada, you can register your phone number on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) to reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive. Telus is required to respect this list and refrain from contacting registered numbers for telemarketing purposes.

  5. Be Wary of Suspicious Calls: If you receive a call from an unknown number or a caller ID that looks suspicious, exercise caution. Avoid answering calls from unfamiliar numbers, especially if they exhibit red flags such as high-pressure sales tactics or requests for personal information.

  6. Report Suspicious Calls: Report any suspicious or fraudulent calls to Telus and relevant authorities, such as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC). Providing information about scam calls helps Telus and law enforcement agencies take action against fraudulent callers.

  7. Educate Yourself: Stay informed about common phone scams and fraud tactics. Telus provides resources and guidance on recognizing and avoiding fraudulent calls on their website. Educate yourself and your family members about these scams to prevent falling victim to them.

  8. Consider Call Screening Apps: Explore third-party call screening apps that offer advanced features for identifying and blocking spam calls. These apps can complement Telus' built-in call blocking features and provide additional protection against unwanted calls.

By taking these proactive measures and remaining vigilant, you can reduce the likelihood of receiving online or robot calls on the Telus network and protect yourself from phone scams and fraudulent activity.

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I keep hanging up not knowing if it is really Telus calling me.  I hear the familiar Indian accent you hear from scammers and automatically hang up because I'm not taking a chance.  If you use a foreign calling service, it may hurt business.

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NEVER! SIN numbers are only required when dealing with employers and the government.

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My only experience when a "Telus rep" called me under a number that did not show as TELUS, was that it was basically a scam. Somehow they knew my phone plan was about to end, and offered me a brand new phone with a new 2 year plan. They had my name, my address, and my number, all they had to confirm was my email which they used to get into my account and change my password.


For what reason they needed my account is unknown, but thankfully Telus is not ******* around when a customer gets their account stolen. Had my account back with the hour, and had it put on watch for about 3 months. Since then I do not trust any random number saying they are a Telus rep. Some nasty people live on this planet, and the ones who live across the globe and try to steal internet credentials are pretty high up there. Stay safe out there.