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Is Telus going out of business


It seems to be impossible to talk with telus. Just finished a brutal conversation with a rep that spoke broken English with a sock in her mouth. It was a struggle to try and understand her and she could not understand me.  A tech was supposed to be at my home yesterday between 3 and 5. No show. I wanted to know why I didn't even get a phone call. She could not put me through to dispatch and would have to hang up, call them and phone me back. I tried to get her to understand that it was 7 in the morning and there were people sleeping here and a return call would wake them so do not call back for at least 2 hours.(my wife came back from the hospital yesterday exhausted) She could not understand this so I tried to get her to understand that I did not want to deal with her and goodbye. Then she called me back.

I have been trying to get the service that I pay for since mid July.  I have had a steady stream of contradictory statements from Telus employees. Some were obvious lies, and I don't say that lightly, while others could be from lack of training.  

Here we have a communication company that cannot communicate even amongst themselves. Just tried again with the Telus AI. I thought it was going to put me through to dispatch when it told me I could make  payments 24/7 online and to call back later when the office is open. 


My question is, "Is Telus in financial trouble."



@Norm2 I don't think they are in financial trouble.


I somehow don't find your story surprising.  I don't like it when I move that's when problems start.


You are just experiencing the general decline in customer service and inability of many to grasp the complexities of new lines of products.


They had a lot easier time of it when you could get a phone line, no special long distance plans, just a pair of wires, monthly fee, and long distance by the minute.


I've had them tell me lies. Make up things  In general, the objective is not to solve your problem, but to get you to go away.

The networks and services are good once  you get them functioning.

Telus needs to stop offloading customer service overseas. 7am here is probably 5pm over there.

The saga continued a couple of hours later when my blood pressure had come down, and I tried again. It was another hard to understand call that ended with an appointment on Friday between 3 and 5. But something didn't feel right about the call. I went down to the Telus store in Langford and asked if they could confirm my appointment. They checked and said it didn't exist. I ask him if he could book it. He said yes but when they book it's $99 plus tax I presume. He said he could mark it down as a smart home analysis or something for only $5 bucks/month. No I said. I'd rather leave.

So now I have no appointment and at least another hour on the phone waiting for maybe another fun day of talking to Telus techs.


My Friday appointment that the Telus store said didn't  exist was met. The tech asked why he was here. I said that I pay for the gigabyte service. I receive 940 Mbps from the hub via Ethernet to desktop.  Why is it that wireless is between 16 and 400 Mbps. Where does the signal go? He didn't know. It is what you have here . Don't know why and can't do anything about it.

And now they offer 1.5 gig service. 

Consumer beware.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Then you’re getting what is promised. Gigabit internet is 940 Mbps. At the router.

There are many issues which can affect Wi-Fi. Seeing 400 Mbps on Wi-Fi is very good, but is likely only going to occur immediately adjacent to the Wi-Fi router. What changes occur that cause you to see the drop in speed? Are you testing with different devices? At different distance from the router? Are there walls or floors between the device and the router? All these can affect wireless speed.


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Wired and Wi-FI speeds are 2 very different things.  NFtoBC nailed it, has nothing to do with Telus really you are getting gig to the router, if you are able to wire in you will get full speed.


"I receive 940 Mbps from the hub via Ethernet to desktop.  Why is it that wireless is between 16 and 400 Mbps. Where does the signal go?"


Refer to this article for a very good explanation of how WiFi works. It has much more detail than can be explained in a forum post.


The key points are:

  • WiFi speed depends on the capabilities of both the router and the device connecting to it.
  • The connection will be at the fastest type that both have in common.
  • The speeds shown in the article above are theoretical speeds in ideal laboratory conditions. Real world conditions are never that good.
  • The maximum WiFi connection speed has nothing to do with your Internet speed. It is the speed between the device and the router.
  • When you perform a speed test over WiFi your result will be the lower of your Internet speed or your WiFi speed.