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Internet plan update notices


Recevied two texts in a row a week or so back indicating 1) unlimited data in my Smart Hub now, and 2) additional 100 GB data for mobility plan.  Things like this . . . I look and dismiss and figure a scam . . . 


Anyway, checking my account, well . . . something 'has' happened and its not clear to me just what.


I have a mobility Smart Hub used out in the sticks to internet.  500GB/month at 85/month.  I see my current usage, but I also see some '200GB' usage bar (that is zeroed out) that speaks of I'm currently using high speed and when I reach that limit of 200GB, I get unlimited throttled speed data usage.


Waiting on a call from Telus, but I'm hoping that they haven't taken a full data 500GB plan and now divided it into the speed it typically provides and the latter of the 500 a lower speed.  Again, its not clear with that and other mumbo jumbo of my iphone and ipad as well.


Anyone have any similar experiences of late??




Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @terra3 did you make changes to your plan recently?  Sometimes, making changes to rate plan in the middle of a cycle can create discrepancies on the usage.