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Google Drive not working after migration

Just Moved In

The migration of email seems to have worked relatively seamlessly.  However, now I can't access my google drive. says that I don't have access to drive.  Tho shows up as an account option as I look to change accounts. I can see the files on the drive, but cannot open them.  I get a message to make sure I"m connected to the internet.  


Any clues?


I've waited over an hour yesterday and again today trying to talk to support. Super frustrated.



I have no way to test my theory as valid, but I think you may be logged in as a "TELUS google user" as and you need to switch back to your "normal google user" account that the files were originally created on. For example prior to this lets say i was and I put files on the gdrive then the TELUS migration happened and a new "google" user was created. So now you have two accounts you would need to allow your files on Panda1 to be accessible from XYZ. 

I’d agree with this. You can have multiple instances of being logged in with different google accounts. Drive is probably attached to your pre-Telus one and you need to sign in with that.

I think it's ridiculous that telus relies on volunteers to do customer support. It allows them to get away with the non-existent support this pos company currently "offers."

Community Power User
Community Power User

However, it also allows the presentation of solutions that Telus staff are not allowed to provide.


Some folks just like to help others.


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Just because there are people who gladly volunteer to help others doesn't mean Telus relies on them for support.
Those that volunteer their help and those who receive the help have no issues with the Neighbourhood.