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Eero Pro router with Nokia ONT




I've recently been advised in this forum that I could use a 3rd-party modem instead of the T3200. (The reason for the change is a rather complicated setup that still relies on an old copper line between the ONT and Actiontec). Here is the thread:


I've just received the Eero Pro but seem unable to connect it to the ONT. It simply does not recognize internet. Does this mean that I have to use the Actiontec in bridge-mode (which was exactly what I was trying to avoid), or is there a way to configure the Eero for data input directly from the ONT?


Thanks so much for your help!







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Community Power User

What happens when you connect the new router to the ONT with Ethernet cable?


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Thanks for your reply!


The Eero installation app (which connects to router via phone/bluetooth) says no internet detected and to restart the modem. I restarted the ONT, but keep getting same result.  


Here are a couple of photos of my peculiar setup in case it helps: at current, the data cable is routed outside again to hook up to the old copper line (which enters the house in another place and that I'm trying to "cut out" by installing the new router directly at ONT and do away with T3200).




IMG_20200730_095251 (1).jpg

I got my eero to work by doing the initial setup behind the T3200(no bridge mode needed on either), disabling IPv6, and then disconnecting everything and just connecting the eero straight to the ONT. I had to do this because Telus’s IPv6 is broken, at least in my neighbourhood.


You really need to do your research to find which Switches/Routers will work directly with a SFP version of the ONT and get rid of the limitations of that box by removing it.


The SFP ONT is a direct replacement for the white wall mounted box that will hook into either your 3200 directly or any third party routeing / switching appliance THAT SUPPORTS IT.

Finding gear that is verified to support it is hit and miss due to fact that either you get lucky and own something that supports it, or you have to research online to find it. You do not want to just go out and buy the best switch/router and assume it will work unless its confirmed that it will. Couple this with the fact ISP's don't like you messing with their standardization and the more people that post these things publicly the more chance it will be (intentionally) broken with future firmware updates.

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Sure, if Telus make the SFP ONT available.  But all of the quality routers I have tested work with the currently available Nokia ONT (connecting and re-booting in sequence) seamlessly (other then turning off QoS). So no need for the SFP ONT, and Telus have many Nokia's.   Routers including the highly rated TP-Link AX Wifi routers and Ubiquiti routers.   Always best to use Telus for their strength - the WAN connection, and leave the LAN up to the owner and his well documented router.  Yes you can use Telus for a simple LAN (they sell TV and VOIP as well), just get their wifi router.  But once you start building your LAN out, particularly with wifi you are playing into their weakness.  The technician you speak to may or may not know much about LAN topology.  Recognize what you are paying for - the WAN connection and the TV and Phone boxes - for the rest of the LAN you are on your own.  Telus do not sell LAN configuration services.


I spent a few minutes figuring out why the eero breaks for me when it’s not behind a double nat, and I suspect there’s an eero firmware bug. The same (or a very similar) issue is happening with eero on CCI fiber, and hopefully eero can fix it soon. If you haven’t resolved this yet contact eero support. 

Also I disagree with the previous poster. The ONT itself isn’t at fault here. 

Its irrelevant if the hardware you plug the SFP into flat out doesn't support it.


I have used various switches, NIC's and routers with this exacts SFP for the past 3 years at different locations.

Disagree all you want but it is what it is, I don't see you with a working solution ATM so perhaps put the EGO aside and take some advice from people that actually have it running.


Would suggest you let google do some research for you. Many devices need hardware modification to work with this SFP ONT, some work out of the box, and others will not work no matter what you do to them.


Here is an example of community trying to get the Nokia SFP's running with a third party router fibre in / fibre out setup, yes I am one of the few documented as modding it and verifying it running on Telus.


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I disagree because the original poster isn’t using an SFP module and doesn’t have one provisioned to plug the fiber into. They have the Nokia ONT and are aiming to remove the t3200, not the ONT which would require rerouting the fiber. Didn’t mean to offend you, and I’m just trying to help.