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Complaint: Telus' Handling of Death of Account Holder

Just Moved In

My experience with Telus following the death of my mother in 2023 has been terrible. I closed the account and I have had bills for charges for months of service after the account was closed. The latest is a Feb. 27, 2024, email telling me to return her equipment or face additional charges. I returned that equipment on Dec. 18, 2023, and that equipment was received by Telus on Dec. 20, 2023! I had to phone again today to sort this out. Every call to Telus requires me to explain that she has died, provide her identifying information, etc. It's incredible upsetting to do this over and over and over again because Telus cannot close the account properly or manage its records appropriately. Today I was again told that the account is closed, the equipment has been returned and I should not get any more emails about her account - I hope so but I have heard this before.


From my conversations with Telus Customer Support, they have seen this happen with other customers, not just me. Telus needs to improve its systems to prevent this happening to others.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry about this, and condolences on your loss. Definitely not something you should be having to deal with.


Please do let us know here if you receive anything further so it can be looked into right away. Appreciate you flagging this, and I'll definitely forward this feedback along, thanks.