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Support Up Selling and not resolving issues

Just Moved In

Spent just over 2 hours on the phone with OFF-SHORE support. Few things I noticed:

1. Every agent I was supposedly passed to had the same voice inflection and mannerisms. Is this normal?

2. Instead of trying to resolve the issues, I was constantly being up seed to.  Is this normal.

3. I have it from support (voice recorded) that Telus does not follow normal confirmation practices such as (a) notifying the account holder that a phone is being added to the account, (b) notifying the account holder if someone else (not family) is being added to the account.

4. Being told that I can deliver an unwanted phone to any Telus location, since Telus refused to send my son a waybill for returns.  THIS WAS A LIE from Off-Shore!  The person at the store was up front and said "Yes there are a lot of issues with OFF-SHORE.  They need and are responsible to send you a waybill and and address to return the phone. That is on the rental plan."   


Options remaining for this consumer:

1. Continue the process of leaving Telus. 

2. Launch a formal complaint with the CRTC.  

3. Same time as the complaint, copy the complaint to the Toronto Star; Globe and Mail; and Social Media Platforms.

4. Continue the information sharing within the social media platforms for perpetuity so that others do not have to go through what I have. Inform them that "Bing-it Back Program is a joke". Off shore support don't understand it.

5. Not pay my son's portion and wait for a court date.  Discovery Phase will be enlightening!  




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.