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wondering how wifi works for customers?

Just Moved In

I'm looking for info on the wifi offered with business Internet customers: from what I've read it's supposed to be run seperately from the main business connection in order to ensure security. We have a static connection and my it dept needs the connection to be seperated to ensure its secure. Yet, after getting the run around for two weeks from telus employees that don't seem to know what I'm talking about, we were told we have to have a dynamic isp? I'm totally confused and would appreciate some clarity. Thanks.



Separate modem, plugs into separate pair of copper.  Power injector at the modem sends power over ethernet to run base station.  Wifi base station is installed on roof in public area.  The radio they use comes with clips that mount on T bar suspended ceilings typical in office environments.  Visitors see the #TELUS hotspot where they can connect, accept agreement on landing page and get service.  Each wifi user is speed limited to about 5Mbit.  Range of their Radio they are using isn't too great so make sure it's installed in an open area the public is expected to be in.  The base also broadcasts #TELUS_Direct SSID which only Telus mobility phones will use.  Telus pushes the 802.1x authentication credentials to mobility clients.  Likely only support phones sold by Telus with stock firmware.  If you have a Telus phone and you can connect to the TELUS_Direct SSID it will not ask for a password or pop up with an agreement if your handset got the settings.  If it asks for authentication username and password then your phone likely is not supported and you would just use the regular #TELUS network and click through the user agreement to get access.

The Telus public wifi equipment doesn't touch your internal system.  They may only want to use some of the wiring in the walls and a power plug. 

Helpful Neighbour

Assuming this is related to Public Wifi, yes it is always installed on a separate "NON- LOCAL" line. Not all geographical locations qualify though (could be the reason why the TELUS reps didn't know much about it ?)  You can read more about it here:


However based on the initial post, I'm not clear if you are asking about Public WiFi... are you looking at the solution of getting a Smart Hub along with your business internet, as an automatic 4G failover ?